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Sukajan Souvenir Jacket - Japan Street Fashion Photoshoot Pictorial Services


in-house media production company of the Japan Lover Me Store





Have you ever wanted to have a fashionable set of photos of you taken by a professional photographer wearing many different sets of attire and also include plenty bad-ass souvenir jackets from our entire collection just for this purpose? No more need to think further and far because we have now just come up with this very very cute and original service package that will just allow you to do so.

Thus, the "Japan Destination SUKAJAN "Souvenir Jacket" Fashion Photoshoot / On-site Photography Pictorial Services"

This service is similar to popular pre-nup or fashion pictorial packages that usually exist in the wedding industry. However, we feel that there is a need for Japan Destination / On-site Coverage / Pictorial / Fashion Photography that we want to create and popularize here in Japan.Starting with our fabulous roster of vintage souvenir jackets, you can now hire our creative professional team to conduct and execute this dreamy fashion shoot for you. Whether it is for your pre-nup needs or post-wedding or honeymoon coverage needs, count on us to preserve your memories forever with our team of highly skilled and professional photographers.

So essentially, you just need to hop on the plane for you or with your partner and come as you are. No need to arrange for the travel visas, airplane tickets, accomodations and other expenses or fees of your photographer from your country. You can just go and meet us here directly in Japan and save more time and enjoy the moment with your loved ones, stress-free and hassle-free!

We want to become the premium Japan Destination / On-site Coverage / Pictorial / Fashion Photography Team that can accommodate your needs and special requests.

Base packages available :

  1. Half-Day = 3.5 hours ($1000 + 8% consumption tax)

  2. Full-day-Day = 7 hours ($2000 + 8% consumption tax)

  3. Customized Package / Plan * - perfect for shooting long editorial fashion campaigns and layouts. On a consultation basis, message us below the whole idea / pitch / plan that you want to execute in Japan to get a quote for the whole project.


This service Package includes the following aspects:

  1. Pick-up from Urawa Station to our warehouse / back-end office by car.

  2. Choose up to (maximum) of 10 jackets from our current roster of inventory.

  3. Departure for shoot location / site.

  4. Take Photos around the location until the time is up or for extension if agreed further (balance to be paid after the shoot). End of Session.

  5. We will send you the edited / enhanced photos (*according to our aesthetic taste) within 3 - 10 days later via a dropbox downloadable gallery link where you can get the edited and RAW photos taken.

At the end of the session, our photographer brings home the borrowed jackets in the office and there is no need to come back with you, unless you want to buy or pay for additional jackets you want to get after the pictorial session.

*NOTE: Both the client and the JLM Studio reserves the rights to the use of the photos for our marketing campaigns and purposes. If you wish to buy-out the rights and exclusively reserve and use the photos taken during the session for your private use only, you can buy-out the whole set of rights for $500 for any of the half-day or full-day sessions.


Extra Notes, perks and additional options / upgrade for your base package:

  1. Time starts from pickup from Urawa Station until the whole budget time of 3.5 or 7 hours is exhausted shooting at the location for your chosen package (half or full-day package).
    *As long as the time permits, it is possible to shoot in 1 to 3 or more locations, extra charges will apply for transportation fees from the 1st location to the 2nd and 3rd ones and succeeding ones. We will advise you during the consultation phase regarding the possibility of the requested itinerary if that is logistically possible within the time limit of your chosen package.

  2. If you still wish to extend to shoot for an hour or so, the overtime rate of $250 per hour shall apply.

  3. It is possible that you bring your own stylist, your own set of clothes, but basically our main focus is on shooting you with our variety of our jackets that you will "rent" from us as part of this package.

  4. If you wish to bring / borrow / rent more than 10 jackets for the pictorial, you can rent additional ones for $30 a piece.

  5. If you wish to buy any of the jackets, we can give you 10% discount of our store price (regular items only, on-sale items are not eligible for discount/s)

  6. We can send you via mail a DVD copy/copies of the whole set for $60 via EMS.

  7. Additional Camera-man / Camera-woman to take video or additional camera / lens can be hired for an extra $300 for half day / $ 600 for whole day per person respectively. It means, if you wish to take 1 more extra staff either to take stills or video, you can hire an extra one for this stated rate.

  8. Video Editing for a full-length coverage of the shoot is available for $400 per reel. SDE is not available.

  9. Extra equipment can rented, prepared and be readied for use depending on the scale of your request / scope of work. Please ask for a detailed quote during the consultation phase. We can prepare for a large-scale project and editorial fashion shoot or campaigns, so please do consult with us extensively about your whole idea so we can give you a proper assessment, costing and quotation to make your dream project feasible "right here - done here" in the dream land of the many, Japan. Drone shots and clips can be also taken but with additional service charges and fees and ultimately depends on the location (may be or not be possible at all)

  10. All prices quoted above are exclusive of local Japan Consumption tax of 8%. An additional 8% shall be added during the payment to cover for this during the payment and settling of fees.

  11. For the full-day work schedule, there will be a mandatory break of 30 minutes in between the whole session. The client may shoulder the food of our photographer however it is not required at all. Just a breather for a quick refreshing recharging for the latter half of the day's shoot.

  12. Tips are not required, everything is already computed and rated accordingly to a fair level of creative talent work based and pegged here in Japan.

  13. Japan Lover Me Studio reserves the rights to increase the creative talent fee we may put here and declare as our rates, or change and alter our service packages accordingly.

  14. We can also recommend that you set your hair and make-up before coming for the photo-session. However if you need one, we may be able to suggest somebody and someone and refer a professional to your needs. Please consult if needed. Hair and make-up starts from $300 as well.

  15. To save time in choosing the proper jackets that you wish to wear during the fashion shoot, please do set aside enough time to browse our online store for all of the souvenir jackets that we carry and check the sizing as well. Please send us an organized list or set of links (serial # + URL link) of all the jackets that you wish to try on and line-up ready before you come so we can save time in this portion and devote the rest of the time in the creative shoots that we will do for you then. Please browse our whole collection here. However since we are selling real-time all the time, there maybe instances where the jacket may be sold-out during the day, please understand that and have back-up options ready in-hand anytime. We recommend that you seek styling consultation with your chosen jackets prior to coming or make up your mind regarding the sets that you wish to take so as to save you lost time in between changes. Also, you are not required to come to the warehouse if you are fully decided on the jackets you will choose for your shoot, we can just go and meet you at the location however, we still really advise and strongly encourage the client to come and try the jackets personally in our warehouse before departing for the shoot to have allowances in the fitting of the jackets since it is still possible to have other back-up choices and options to choose from while in the office.

  16. Payments must be received fully at the time of commitment to our service. After which, we will send a written contract and agreement that stipulates all the rules, limitations and details of this service to you which you will have to sign with your printed name, address, telephone number and email handwritten ñ which you will have to send a PDF copy to us to fully confirm your slot after the payment is received. During the actual meetup, we will bring 2 copies of the contract for both parties to sign before the actual execution of the service.

  17. We can shoot on various locations and bring our jackets there directly, special rates apply if the location is outside of the Kanto region. Please consult if you plan to shoot on other locations within Japan. All transportation fees and logistical fees shall be shouldered by the client both ways (going and return) as well as food and accomodations.


Cancellation penalties: 

  • 1 week or 7 days and more before the originally set date: 50%,
  • 1 day before up to 6 days the originally set date: 70%,
  • On the day itself : 100% no refund will be given at all costs.

Change of date penalties / Date re-booking:

  • 1 week or 7 days and more before the originally set date: 15%
  • 1 day before up to 6 days  the originally set date: 40%, 

Weather Conditions:

At the event of an impending sour weather coming on the set date 1 day before or on the day itself, both parties must acknowledge that this is an unexpected and unfortunate thing that we all can't control. Both parties shall agree to defer or re-schedule the date again. However, at this stage of commitment, we will not be able to refund the payment but defer the execution of the service itself when both parties are ok. Normally in Japan, the weather is almost accurate by the hour, so we can always be sure of the expected date at least 3 days before the event. It is best advised to consult the global weather conditions from google before you commit on a specific date with us to have an idea more or less on the actual outcome of the weather.

Peak Season Rates:

During April to May and 3rd Week of September to 2nd week of November every year, a peak season rate of 50% shall be added to the actual rates presented above so please include this within your estimate.

Meet our photographers:


He is a food and travel photographer from Manila who recently moved to Japan to explore new opportunities and pursue his longtime dream of living in Japan. Justin continues to practice his craft and contribute to different publications both in Manila and Japan. Recently, he started his own online travel website ( chronicling his adventures and photo stories across Japan.  |   |   Instagram 


Anne Kate

Our newest import from the Philippines, this young creative is oozing with talent, passion and dreams. She hopes to become a full-fledged photographer someday based in Japan and serving high-fashion clients from all over the world and making her own name as a graphic designer.

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Her main fascination is anything but "rainbows" thus her blog called - - a journal where she shares her passion about kawaii lifestyle + positivity + adventures all rolled-up into one, being a foreigner who is pursuing her creative dreams here.

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