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JLM Store Policies, Term and Conditions / Purchase Contract Agreement / Returns Policy / Insurance Coverage / Listing Limitations and Disclaimer

The Japan Lover Me Team proudly shares the curated fine pieces, picks, items and other offerings that can be only found in Japan. As much as we would like to share the beauty that Japan has to offer to everyone, we have extended our services to include prime vintage clothing, apparel and uniquely complementing fashion pieces from the streets of Japan to this online store
Japan Lover Me Store
Because of this strong inclination to bring Japan to your doorsteps, our priority is to pick and share fine, rare and worth displaying items that range from - brand new, deadstocks, pre-loved and vintage collectible rare sold-out pieces. It is our wish that potential users and clients of this service and shop shall understand that it is our best intention to represent the item whether in photos or description provided. However, since description may be objective, subjective and/or vary from person to person, we invite everyone to practice utmost care in choosing which to buy before making a firm commitment and decision to purchase them. Please do have an allowance for some plus or minus discrepancies with regards to the actual sizing written and presented, including the color graduation and details which may vary from one pc monitor / mobile device to another.
These are the guidelines that users should keep in mind:
  • Items are being sold on AS IS WHERE IS basis, which means, as they are shown in the pictures we have provided.
  • For brand new, unused, mint, and deadstock items, they will be labeled and described as such  - BRAND NEW, UNUSED, MINT or DEADSTOCK. Please take note of the differences and nuances of them.
  • For pre-loved and vintage items and offerings, it is expected that they have been used at some point in time and prior to offering and shipping them once they are bought, we exercise strict practices of inspecting them for age and hygiene-related issues or concerns and treat them accordingly. Usually, we store and put them in dry environments and expose to natural sunlight for disinfection, treat with cleaning and use organic disinfectants sprays.
  • We still strongly recommend and advise the client to properly clean, re-treat the item prior to personal usage to make sure they fit your standards correctly and properly. We simply ship and process, what you see on your screen. WYSIWYG. What you see is what you get. Unless there are special issues about the item, we shall exercise a no return, no claims, no exchange policy on each purchase once they are fully paid and shipped. Normally, our items pass our strict standards of screening and there should be no problems regarding these possible issues on a general note. However, if still something bothers you in the end, please do not hesitate to let us know and consult with us and allow us to find the proper arrangement and solution for everyone.
  • What you see is what you get. Unless there are special issues about the item, we shall exercise a no return, no claims, no exchange policy on each purchase once they are fully paid and shipped.
    Buyer takes full responsibility for his commitment to the purchase which means that the BUYER took every measure and step to make sure his or her measurements are within the size capacity of the jacket as measured in our "sukajan measuring guide". If still in in doubt, please consult and ask a question before checking out and paying. Once the payment is received and the order is shipped, we can not cancel the purchase or change orders. 
    To make things easy for us to advise whether a jacket would fit you or not, please do send us these following details in advance so we can advise from experience whether it will be a good fit or not if you still could not figure out what is best for you given the sizing guide above or just need a second opinion to make sure things will be fit and ok.
    1) Total Height (in feet or cm)
    2) Actual Measurements: Neck to Waist height, Shoulder to wrist, Body width (in centimeters)
    2) Build (skinny, average/medium built, big, or extra big)
    4) Desired fitting (extra loose, fit, normal)
    5) A cropped body photo of yours (for more precise advise)
    6) Send the links of the items you are interested
    1) 5 feet 5 inches / 165 cm
    2) 53 cm, 57 cm, 39 cm
    3) Medium build
    4) A little loose
    Final Size Suggestion:
    Size advisable based on the Japanese brand / Manufacturer's size (Medium to Large)
  • We take pride in taking photos and documenting our packaging and shipping process for security and posterity purposes. Should an item not arrive, get lost or becomes damaged along the way, please do report to us strictly within 2 days upon receipt of the package.
  • If the package shows evidences of outer damage, tampering and similar concerns, please take photos of the unpacking/unboxing process to freshly document the condition that the item has arrived to you. Please send these evidence to our email and we will do our best to get back to you and assess the situation and advise you further for the proper steps to apply for insurance and seek a damage or incident report.
  • Items marked as with FREE SHIPPING are shipped via SAL / Airmail - whichever is appropriate and applicable which is almost 90% safe. Those listings or items that have separate shipping fees calculated are by default set to EMS which is the most reliable, safest and protected method of shipping (included tracking information for most countries, except Asian countries which may not have yet a developed local postal system handling real-time tracking updates). We remain strong in our recommendation to provide the safest method of shipping, however, if the item/s is/are shipped via non-EMS, we share the risk with you for 50%-50% for the item amount if the item eventually is proved to be lost or damage along the way with a grace period of 4 months for investigation.
    • SAL is only available for a limited number of countries and territories.
    • It takes approximately 6 to 13 days for mail to arrive at the destination.
    • In some cases, it may take longer due to the handling system of the destination country.
    • We can only provide an "item number". Please note that the item number / tracking number that you can use to track your package online is only applicable within Japan (until your package has been successfully shipped out from Japan).
  • EMS shipped items are automatically insured to include full amount including postage. Insurance claims on EMS shipments, likewise experience a grace period of 3-4 months for proper investigation just in case something really happens. In our experience, EMS claims are processed faster because of the nature of the service and higher postage fees paid in the first place and enjoy speedy investigation and decisions. For this reason, we only recommend EMS shipping for safety and peace of mind. You can always upgrade the shipping fee to EMS for a small difference and if interested, please contact us or the Japan Post website for the estimated differentials.
  •  Taxes and duties are the responsibility of the buyer at all costs. We do not control your customs or government regarding the rates you are going to be solicited for your imports and purchases but we strongly advise you to do a research if you do not want to be surprised by this element when the package arrives in your country or customs. Issues and problems arising from such will not be entertained and once an item is returned for this reason and non-receipt, the purchase will be forfeited and the JLM store reserves the right to dispose of or sell the item again to our discretion.
- - - - - - - - 

Business Days / Operating Hours and Shipping Schedule

Our store, warehouse and back-office is based in Japan. We only operate during weekdays (Monday to Friday, from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM), except Japanese National Holidays and weekends of course. If you have other concerns, please directly contact us via email or our contact link form below. Our 3rd party shipping and logistics company provider operates on the weekends even if the store is closed. Automatically, all orders are sent to them for processing so we may be able to ship items in the same weekend you place an order so please take extra care and make sure there are no purchasing mistakes. Once the item is processed and shipped out, we can not entertain last minute cancellations and change of mind during weekends because there is no staff available to check on your emails and messages.
We mainly ship by batch 2-3 times a week depending on the volume of orders and the pace we process them. For the full shipping and processing flow and arrival estimates, please check this link ⇒  Japan Lover Me Store Shipping Process Flow and Estimates
- - - - - - - - 

Listing Limitations and Description Scope and Disclaimer

REGARDING THE PROVIDED / UPLOADED PHOTOS - As much as we can, we practice the highest standard and processing routine in inspecting and evaluating each item before they get listed in this store - to represent the actual condition thru our photos and the images we provide in the listing. However, there are also called the limitations in our human capacity to show everything that every client might wish to know in every product listing. We admit that we can not fully answer and represent fully to the expectations and needs of everyone before making a valid decision to make a purchase. What maybe important for one, may not be as important to another person or to us and our quality control staff who inspect them - and vice-versa. So, to make the point straight, please make your decisions based on realistic expectations that we list our items and label them all as "second-hand", "pre-loved" and in these context, must the buyer realize that there might be some unintentional miss on our part to show or represent what is available data given on the listing.

The buyer must have "allowances" for actual differences that may arise or be observed by the buyer when compared to the photos or information given, please take that as, however, in the context of selling "pre-loved second-hand" or "vintage" items, so they are not so perfect apart from the state they are present. These "allowances" should cover for human error and miss on our part and the "objective" comparison interpretations that is relative from one person to another.
IF, IN CERTAIN CASES, there might have been missed information data, holes, repairs or any imperfection that you may see or discover later on your item, please accept that they are part of the listing and THAT WE SHOULD NOT BE HELD LIABLE for such discrepancies.THEY ARE SOLD in the context that they may have imperfections - thus, being vintage, second-hand, or antiques for that matter. If you are truly sensitive and concerned about the condition and wish to be be guaranteed 100% based to your judgments / interpretations / standards - please just come and visit our warehouse to inspect the item yourself before committing to purchasing them, we would love to welcome you in that manner.
OR, if you are not agreeable to this Limitations and Scope Disclaimer which we are asserting to cover our efforts, please just refrain from buying. As much as we would like to provide the best service and 100% accuracy in everything, we believe that it is impossible in terms of our context in dealing with with vintage/antique and pre-loved items. It is not that we don't want you to become our clients, but it just that, we want to avoid further hassle and troubles arising from the differences in expectations that greatly differ from one person to another. This way, we could maintain our own peace and avoid issues regarding contesting the integrity of the listing. Please recognize that there are some risks and reasonable discrepancies that may surface that are purely unintentional. This is the real point in buying online, however, there are some limitations and risks to both sides which we would like to clarify by virtue of providing this disclaimer.
WE REPEAT, we will not be held liable FOR ANY REASON, and that by virtue of your purchase, that you are - the BUYER - are aware of this disclaimer about our representation process and standards. It is understood by the fact that when you pay, that you agree to it and will not challenge or question / make claims to this effect at any rate. We reserve the right to assert that we are selling them SOLD AS IS and the fact that they are PRELOVED and there should be room for errors and allowances in expectations and differences as ultimately, our staff are human and bound for some errors as well.
- - - - - - - -  
JLM Store Returns Policy
Since these are already pre-loved items and "sold as is where is", there will be absolutely - no returns, no exchange, no refund at all costs. Unless the mistake is on our part regarding the item (you accidentally got another different jacket of different design due to switching of shipping labels), we will not make ammends to returns at any rate once the item is shipped. It is the responsibility of the buyer to practice good discretion with allowance in your size and color estimates before buying and not after paying and committing to the purchase. We treat each sales seriously and likewise demand the same from buyers. If for instance, you realized your mistake, please do send us a message or email soon after within 1 day to let us know your concern/issue or problem so we can cancel or solve anything for you and please allow 1-2 business days for us to properly reply. Once the item is shipped, it is considered and taken as sold already.
If you decide to return without notice or refuse the package for your personal reasons, the item and payment will be forfeited as well. If there is any concern regarding anything, it should be brought to our attention within 2 days upon receipt of the package and not after 1 week or 2 weeks for that matter. To back up your issue and concern, please be ready with proof and pictures to show us so we can better assess the situation when you email or message us for further and faster resolution.
For unclaimed returned items due to faulty address or failure to receive within 1 week of arrival past the keeping period of your local post office, we reserve the right to keep the item and sell again if it is not claimed and arranged for re-shipping within 2 weeks after the return if we dont hear from you. The payment will be kept and merchandise credit is forfeited to our favor.
For other cases not covered in this, each case will be treated on a case to case basis considering the best interests of the buyer under fair conditions.
- - - - - - - -

Cooling Off Period (Deadline for Airing Possible Complaints)

As comprehensive as our store policies and rules are already set they are, for any complaints regarding the shipping incidents / lost packages / everything else except regarding the item's integrity itself, we have the following deadline below wherein and within this period can we only entertain such emails and messages.
1) Non-arrival of shipment - 10 days after we contacted you with packaging photos and informing you that your item was picked up and shipped.
2) Brokerage / Accidents / Damaged Goods or Package - the incident must be reported and raised to us within 3 days, complete with full set of PROOF which means, take many pics as much as possible showing the extent and coverage of the damage, both to the box and the item itself. We will assist and inform you of the further steps that you can do to initiate and apply for the insurance for which your shipment is covered. Maximum value declared is maximum coverage value for insurance. If you asked for a lower value, do not expect to get paid if ever to the full amount of your payment to us. Also, insurance claims always on the average take anywhere from 2.5 months to 4 months to investigate and complete the paperwork via the Japan Post until we get the payment for the damages. Any payments will be arranged for and paid after that is received from the Japan Post or your Post Office.
3) Other concerns, issues - 3 days within arrival date. Other things brought up 1 week or 1 month after the item is received and delivered will not be entertained because it is way beyond this established inspection period of 3 days to verify the condition and state of the product and shipment. We will not reply to emails received way past this timeline.
Thank you very much for your understanding then as we try to maintain a fair and efficient relationship with our clients and patrons.
- - - - - - - -
If you are seriously interested in an item/s, please do not hesitate to contact or let us know your concerns whether it is about the condition, additional pictures or regarding the price. We can listen to you and it won't hurt and we don't mind being asked about it. Feel free to be at home in this online space with us.
In the event that you would like to request something like different colors, sizes or seek availability of other options rather than the one provided or available, please do not hesitate to inquire us about them (Mostly, we keep an alert list and once we get new stocks, or information for other variations - sizes, color or model). We will send you suggestions or contact you as soon as we get something worth to report and share with you then.
It is our desire to be your personal coordinator, stylist, or shopping assistant for that matter so please feel free to ask us anything about that you like to get or buy from Japan. We are your Japan-based concierge and consolidator. We ship anything big or small as long as it is under the sun.
Thank you very much for your strict reading and understanding of our in-house rules and policies so that we can all enjoy each other's company and friendship here!
- - - - - - - - 

Japan Lover Me Store Cares About Nature

 JLM is concerned about reducing carbon emissions in our planet and committed to reducing unwanted waste by committing to recycling and re-using packaging cartons, boxes, and materials in our shipments. We are proud to be helping in this small way to save Mother Nature by offering an ECO lifestyle and business processes involving the 3Rs of Reduce, Re-use, and Recycle. 


Please do not take it against us for using recycled packaging materials in delivering your orders and packages.

Let us all help and contribute to caring more for our environment and natural resources.
- - - - - - - - 
The above rules are subject to vary and change without prior notice so please do check once in a while before buying to keep tabbed regarding the little details and policy scope changes or ammendments all the time. Thank you very much for your understanding and reading comprehensively all these rules put in place for a happy transaction for everyone!
- - - - - - - - 

 As a reminder, please make sure to read read the following 3 pages / links on our website below for the rest of the details, rules and terms regarding transacting with us.

Store Policies - Terms, Conditions, Scope and Limitations, Disclaimer and Contract Agreement

FAQs or Frequently Asked Questions

Japan Lover Me Store Shipping Process Flow and Estimates

 These links have been comprehensively written in simple English to cover the basic tenets of how we conduct business. If you are not ok with that, the please do not take the risk. This is an international transaction that covers shipping costs, working hours / labor from our end and includes risk on our part as well. Everybody and every party must understand the risks of possible discrepancies in expectations in the context of ONLINE SHOPPING wherein you can not view or try on the item itself.

Please exercise strict restraint, with utmost care and caution before deciding and paying for your purchases.

Buyer Beware.

But when you finally decide to trust us, then please go ahead and buy and you will receive tons and loads of uncontainable happiness all the way from Japan!

Sending hugs to everyone ^^

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