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Made-to-Order Souvenir Sukajan / Jacket Non-Refundable Commitment Fee

75.00 USD
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Product Description

Thanks for all the wait!
Now, your dream souvenir jacket / sukajan / embroidered jacket can now be yours as we are now teaming up officially with the youngest and most prolific Japanese Embroidery Artist of our generation to bring to life any design you want to have embroidered on any piece of fashion. Whether it be a jacket, denim, bag, shirt or anything that can be embroidered on with.

For listing purposes, we are just using the title "Made-to-Order Sukajan" to describe this service product as it is our specialty in this shop. However, since this is a customized service, bespoke and tailor-fit to your needs, we will do embroidery on anything you want, please feel free to consult with us and discuss how we can help in your product.


Our main factors and characteristics of this this service are the following:
1) Teaming up with Shishumania and serving as his official talent manager to open up his services for clients outside Japan. To allow him to focus on his craft, we will serve as the front desk in accepting commissioned works on his behalf.
2) Being Japanese himself -  a craftsman and artist at the same time - the product will surely be of high standards and quality true to the legacy of the might "sukajan" / souvenir jacket.
3) We can do advise and consulting on the total look of your desired look / project and we can help you achieve that on a consultation basis.
4) Service is purely customized and does not come cheap. Pricing standards are based in the Japanese context and local talent / labor rates with a little premium added.
Among the possible base jackets or materials, here is the list of them:
1) Tokkou-fuku (Rider or Boso-zoku streetwear setup)
2) Jersey
3) Maekake
4) Jumpsuit / Tsunagi
5) Miko-fuku
7) Happi
8) H & M Jackets
9) Uniforms
10) Maid Uniform or Maido-fuku
11) White Shirt / T-shirt
13) Tan-ran (Shorter Version of the Tokkou-fuku)
14) Cap (Wappen)
15) Boxers / Briefs
16) Headbands
18) Wrist Bands
19) Denim Jacket
20) MA-1 Jackets
21) Apron
22) Boxing Gown / Dress
23) Robes / Long-gowns
24) Anything that is not knit or that does not tear up or stretch when being embroidered upon.

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So without further ado, this is how it works:

Made to Order Sukajan Souvenir Jacket / Commission Embroidery Work Process / Terms and Conditions:

1) Payment of Non-refundable Commitment Fee per project - In order to initiate your commission and for us to filter people who just ask everything and end up not commissioning at all. We will be asking for a consultation commitment fee to see if you are serious in hiring us to do this commission work. This will be a minimum of $75 to cover for our time and efforts to figure things for you. Whether it will work out or not, this amount will not be refunded. Basically, for us to officially entertain you for business, please pay this amount to serve as your commitment to the project before we get things rolling. 
2) Choose your style and base material - Choose your size and style from the available suppliers we have (we will send you a dropbox gallery link where you can view all the sample base materials we have from which you can choose your base material and also see the sample works in an organized and catalogued format). However, if you have your own base material to do the embroidery on, you can send us directly your own material / jacket via mail (Please shoulder the shipping expenses to us).
Here is the link of the base materials that we can use to make your dream souvenir jacket:
You can purchase them from our store that will be included in your total project quotation and costs. From time to time, we will update this gallery folder of the possible plain designs and jackets that we can source for our clients to choose a variety from then.
3) Send us your designs via email (either is digital or analog format) - You can just simple draw the design and send us a picture of that. You can also opt to send via PSD (Photoshop) or simply JPG or PNG files and we will work on that and figure out how to achieve that to the best of our ability and capacity.
Our email is at[at]gmail[dot]com.
4) Price Quotation - We will assess the designs and materials you sent and give you an estimate / quotation and advise as well if there is any after 2-3 days from when you can decide whether to push thru with the project or not. The final price will the shipping costs via EMS to cover for delivery to you / client once the project / product is finished, done and completed.
5) Signing of Contract and Full-Payment -  After you commit to the project and agreed to the quoted price, we will send you an and agreement / contract and also a paypal invoice for this service which you will have to pay fully before we can start working on your project. Full payment must be received at the time of signing the contract (we will be sending a PDF copy of the contract which must be signed with printed full name, address, signature and date). Once both the payment and signed contract is received and confirmed, we will start working on the project.
Please download the file from below, print it, hand-write your name, sign, put the date, telephone number and other details, then please scan in PDF and send back to us.
6) Completion Period -  The work is estimated to be completed within 1-2 weeks upon the arrival of the base material jacket or clothing to the artist. Sometimes, it may vary or take longer than this estimated time depending on the arrival of the materials, complexity and difficulty of the project / commission itself. We will let you know and update you as we go along. * We reserve the right to use the images and photos taken of your commission product for our own marketing and reference purposes. Please read the disclaimer below for the extensive explanation and scope.
7) Shipping - After we get the completed work from the artist, we will take comprehensive photos of the work detailing all aspects of the product and we will send for your confirmation before we can ship it then using EMS. 

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Sample Pricing and Estimates of Projects done before:

We will be updating this page soon for the price range samples and pricing estimates based on the previous works done by the artist.

* This pricing will reflect the international pricing of the said products and at most, has to be used as a reference at least for making a consideration and decision whether to commission or not our artist thru our service here. Hint: It is not cheap labor. So if you think you may want to save money and do your project, then probably you are not in the right place. By offering our marketing services and expertise in handling commissioned works for artists like Shishumania that we handle, we aim to provide and protect and improve their value thru our branding services and offer them a decent (fair trade based) lifestyle apt to allow them to continue living off as an artist in the context of Japanese living standards.

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Disclaimer / Property Rights:

Since this is a made to order process, we do not take responsibility in the copyright of your designs and images as the "Made to Order" Contract is between the buyer (you) and our embroidery artist as a commissioned work of art. We reiterate and clarify that we do not recommend commercially to our clients the use of given works of art, characters and other designs but rather, we act us as the commissioned artist to execute the designs given to us by the end-user / client or buyer for that matter.

We reserve the right to take photos and use the photos as promotional or marketing materials for our benefit even until the product is delivered to the buyer. If the buyer wants to buy the full rights to the completed work and would not like any party to use that in any way anywhere or for whatever reason, then, the rights will have to be bought at the rate that will be decided by our side and agreed by the buyer. If that is the case, we will not use the project or material anywhere to preserve your integrity and privacy in that respect and matter. However, we will be happy if you allow us just the same to use your commission works to help us promote and market our services to enhance our own business and benefit too.

Being a commissioned artist, we do not take responsibility for the copyrights of the designs that will be passed to us for work. The sole responsibility lies on the client (commissioner) and it should not be taken that we tolerate copyright infringement for that matter for any similarity in design and tastes, titles or names that may appear out of the final result of the product. We are just acting as a hired or commission artist to execute the designs given to us by our clients thru this service and we reserve our rights to that respect and manner. Generally speaking, our approach is sort of fan-art and deviant-art based commissioned working style.

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