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出張フード・スタイリング撮影サービス(4カット・セット)On-Site Food Styling and Photography Services by Justin De Jesus ( 4 lay-outs )

648.00 USD
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in-house media production segment of the Japan Lover Me Store


出張フード・スタイリング撮影サービス(4カット・セット)On-Site Food Styling and Photography Services by Justin De Jesus ( 4 lay-outs ) 

Estimated time: 4 hours


Would you not you want to have your food joint's menu to be retaken with class and improve your brand and marketing image towards your clients?

The long wait is over now Japan! We are now offering our professional services to take great, fabulous, glamorous, delicious and satisfying photos of your food menu recipes and offerings! We will go wherever your restaurant, food joint or location within Japan.

Have you ever wanted to revamp your current menu book and give your restaurant's or food joint's offerings a new twist and appeal?
Would you like to try another "non-Japanese" approach to rebranding the look and charisma of your hard-earned taste reputation among your current clientele?

Then this is your chance!

Trust that with the food styling skills and photography techniques of Justin De Jesus, surely your level of game will soar into new levels. His approach is more than just "taking" good food photos but essentially, translating the taste and flavor of your creations into alluring, adorable and psychologically appealing works of art that transcends the senses of the visuals while titillating your taste buds to the highest levels of gustation.

His years and passion into honing his craft to its current form has become a magical and charismatic combination such that his food styling instinct has become an art craft in itself that only those with the gifted sense and passion towards it can only afford to pull-off. His photos has won the hearts of many restaurateurs in the Philippines and magazine editors and publications where he used to extensively work as both a food styling and photographer, delivering them nothing but oozy-filled and delectably gratifying photos, so charming that you would want to eat them instantly in one look.

Now that he is based in Japan and is dabbling in different fields of work and after almost 2 years of collaborating with Mimiclaire's Kitchen Studio, after settling down and becoming confidently adapted to the local setting, he is now out and ready to conquer the field and pioneer this approach in Food Styling and Photography here in Japan as a full-fledged professional career.

Rest assured that his irresistable shots will definitely help contribute to the increase in appeal and sales of your food menu offerings once given the touch and magic that he possess in giving them life, so alive that they are literally jumping out of the picture and would send your imagination as if you are tasting them so real, so surreal experience indeed.

So without further ado, here you can see and browse his previous works and portfolio and see for yourself ( or taste for yourself ) Happy browsing and tasting!


$600+tax for initial 4 layout /sets

$200+tax per additional layout / set


1) In this basic on-site photography package, he will shoot 4 layouts or 4 sets of food that you would like him to take. If you would like to add more layouts or sets, each additional one would cost $200+tax.
2) This does not include the transportation costs that should be covered and paid for by the client as well on the day of the shoot itself.
3) For places and regions outside the Kanto region, special rates would apply due to distance and time of travel back and forth from Saitama. Please inquire directly to get a total package quote for your project.
4) The photographer will send the RAW and edited versions of the photos within a week via a dropbox link. Basic set of edited photos to the taste and aesthetics of the photographer will be applied. For further revisions, re-edits, please inquire directly. We do offer graphic design services as well in layouting the output photos into a beautiful menu or presentation that suits your taste at an additional cost. Quotations can be given upon receipt of the description of the request and style wanted. There will be a maximum 3 edit revisions allowed for graphic layouting per job order. Or it can be solely left to our creative design and taste if there is no particular or specific layout given.
5) The photographer and us, reserves the rights to use the photos for our internal and subtle marketing needs after the project. For a total rights-buy-out agreement, wherein only the client will buy out the rights for sole private use, the rate is 30 % of the total package costs.

*Assumption is that each layout set would take around 30 minutes to prepare, style and shoot.


Please contact us directly and let us know your needs and we will be happy to provide answers on how to make your project / job order / request possible. We are a flexible team of professionals seeking to widen the reach of our craft and services to the local Japanese public. Of course, we are available to travel internationally if needed :)



Who is Justin De Jesus?

Justin has been a professional food stylist and photographer back in the Philippines prior to his coming and settling down here in Japan and has already graced and published countless of covers in the local food-related magazines there as well. He is also a contributing photographer and writer to some travel magazines there that feature Japan as the destination and topic since he is already based here in Japan. His job is a complex combination of being a food photographer, freelance travel photographer, English teacher and also subs and dubs as the official photographer for this store and plays as a model at times too. In his spare time he loves to cook and experiment with various recipes and hopes to study and pursue his vocation in baking someday.




Expectations from the Client:

1) Client/s must prepare the food and make sure that the set is prepared such that Justin will just setup his own equipment that he will need to perform the job.

2) It is advised that the client prepares an extra assistant aside from the Chef to help in arranging the set to be taken.

3) Of course, client must provide all props and other necessary equipment or items that will be needed in the project.

4) This package is limited only to the actual service of performing the photography job, however, on a case to case basis, we can help in the preparation of materials and the actual location of the set. Please ask for more solutions and rates accordingly.

* We reserve the right to refuse business / service to individuals/parties whom we deem as unsafe and does/do not fit our standards and expectations of our would-be students.


How to book a session:

Just send us a detailed explanation and briefing of your needs and project before paying or checking out. We will guide you in the process after confirming the total quotation and costs pertaining to the fulfillment and execution of the project agreed upon.



 Cancellation penalties: 

  • 1 week or 7 days and more before the originally set date: 50%,
  • 1 day before up to 6 days the originally set date: 70%,
  • On the day itself : 100% no refund will be given at all costs.

Change of date penalties / Date re-booking:

  • 1 week or 7 days and more before the originally set date: 15%
  • 1 day before up to 6 days  the originally set date: 40%, 

Weather Conditions:

At the event of an impending sour weather coming on the set date 1 day before or on the day itself, both parties must acknowledge that this is an unexpected and unfortunate thing that we all can't control. Both parties shall agree to defer or re-schedule the date again. However, at this stage of commitment, we will not be able to refund the payment but defer the execution of the service itself when both parties are ok. Normally in Japan, the weather is almost accurate by the hour, so we can always be sure of the expected date at least 3 days before the event. It is best advised to consult the global weather conditions from google before you commit on a specific date with us to have an idea more or less on the actual outcome of the weather.


More about Justin De Jesus:

Justin is a food and travel photographer from Manila who recently moved to Japan to explore new opportunities and pursue his longtime dream of living in Japan. He started by being an apprentice of a celebrated fashion and food photographer in Manila. He was immersed in different kinds of photo shoots and personalities in the industry leading him to discover his niche, food photography. Eventually, assignments and projects started coming from publications and corporate clients. His photography career continued to grow and showed promise. Justin continues to practice his craft and contribute to different publications both in Manila and Japan.
He regularly collaborates with Chef Claire and photographs various recipes for this cookbook project and her personal food blog. Recently, he started his own online travel website ( chronicling his adventures and photo stories across Japan.  |   |   Instagram 


For bookings, questions and other inquiries, please send an email to 





出張フード・スタイリング撮影サービス(4カット・セット)On-Site Food Styling and Photography Services by Justin De Jesus ( 4 lay-outs ) 

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