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Food Styling and Photography 101 - Hands-on Workshop and Lessons for Beginners, Chefs, Foodies and Bloggers (3.5-4 hours) by Justin De Jesus and Mimiclaire

648.00 USD
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in-house media production segment of the Japan Lover Me Store


Food Styling and Photography 101

A Hands-on Workshop and Lessons for Beginners, Chefs, Foodies and Bloggers

(3.5-4 hours) by Justin De Jesus and Mimiclaire's Kitchen Studio


This course is design to help you understand the basics of Food Photography and teach about Food Styling as well. It is estimated to run at about 4 hours from the food preparation to actual food shooting and eating of course!

Why learn about Food Styling and Photography?

These days, photos are getting more competitive everywhere, from Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram etc. and everybody is upping their game. So if you are a newbie and really want to level-up your craft, then this is the chance for you to experience and become an "apprentice" in an actual food shoot done by the professionals in this field.

This workshop class is intended for people who want to get serious about styling the food properly before taking the photos using various techniques and approaches - and also know the concepts behind the secrets of successful food lay-outs and photos that are becoming and going viral in social media and online. Here, you should be able to attend and see how the masters of the craft are doing their job during the actual shoot. Up until now, there has not been any English class that is offered here in Japan tackling this topic and mostly people who are known in this genre are self-taught. So, for the anxious beginner who wants to learn the basics briefly in a crash-course and compact type of class, there is no where to learn the craft literally here in Japan where the class in conducted in English and a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

In Japan, there is a common way and standard method of taking menu pictures and photos. But the style and craft that Justin has mastered over the years of experience of shooting and lay-outing for various magazines and publications is something that can be thought of as refreshing and unique. It is with this insight and passion to share the techniques and offer to teach them to the public which pushes them to create this class to those who are interested in learning more about this genre, niche and craft that is most commonly ignored and taken for granted! Remember, that good food start with good photos and nobody will dare eating or trying out your food menu if the photos don't look tasty and delicious to start with. So that is how again, we are being reminded that food photography is something that we should not underestimate when it comes to food presentation and marketing. Delicious-looking photos surely deserve to be tried upon : )


Who are the instructors?

Mimiclaire and Justin have been working as partners in crime in the kitchen and food styling for almost 2 years already. This tag-team tandem have pretty much produced a reputable set of layouts that they have been making ever since in their goal of publishing a recipe cook book which showcases their original works and kitchen creations. In the process, the have mastered the craft, honed their skills and also humbly speaking, made a niche and name for themselves when they both won the 1st and 2nd places in the recently-held Soy Sauce Recipe Cooking Contest last 2016 with their original recipes interpreted to reflect the cuisine of their home country (both Philippines) that highlights the use of the Soy Sauce as an ingredient. So both of these guys are really kitchen geeks and are eager to learn and up their skills and crafts as well by trying to achieve a sort of Asian Fusion in their food explorations and adventures and popularize the name of the Filipino Cuisine here in Japan where Filipino Cuisines is not really generally known and has little awareness among the locals.

Justin has been a professional food stylist and photographer back in the Philippines prior to his coming and settling down here in Japan and has already published countless of covers in the local food-related magazines there as well. He is also a contributing photographer and writer to some travel magazines there that feature Japan as the destination and topic since he is already based here in Japan. His job is a complex combination of being a food photographer, freelance travel photographer, English teacher and also subs and dubs as the official photographer for this store and plays as a model at times too. In his spare time he loves to cook and experiment with various recipes and hopes to study and pursue his vocation in baking someday.

On the other hand, Mimiclaire or Claire for short is the head mistress or prima donna of the Mimiclaire's Kitchen Studio, her own cooking pad where she shares her home-made recipes and teaches cooking to various students who wish to learn more about Filipino, Western and Japanese cuisine in English in an Asian Fusion concept setting. She studied Patisserie and graduated from the Le Cordon Bleu in Daikanyama, Tokyo, Japan and has been a self-taught cook ever since. Right now, she is on her way of publishing her own recipe book with the help of Justin. Together, they make a wonderful tandem in producing fantastic and delicious food and photos that are going to be a hit someday for sure.



Notes / Requirements:

1) Minimum of 2 participants for the class to proceed ( $600 + tax per person maximum of 5 people ) or if private solo class, student will have to pay $1200 + tax (to cover for the minimum number of participants). For full-bookings for a group of people, we offer discount vouchers that can used in the other services and class done in the Mimiclaire's Kitchen Studio for the individual cooking lessons and workshops conducted by both of the instructors.

2) Students / Participants can discuss beforehand and make requests what kind of food will be prepared and used in the actual set during the class.

3) You must bring your own set of camera and gears, otherwise, there is no way for you to practice your actual skills during the actual shooting part of the class. Point and shoot / mirrorless camera or DLSR is ok! It is advisable if you can bring your own set of flash triggers so we can share the flash provided in the set for taking photos that require flash.

4) The class is estimated to last for about 4 hours from the start until the end.

* We reserve the right to refuse business / service to individuals/parties whom we deem as unsafe and does/do not fit our standards and expectations of our would-be students.


How to book a class:

1) Basically this class is flexible and can be scheduled anytime that is convenient for the instructors and the parties involved. So to start with, please kindly let us know thru email message us your 3 preferred dates and preferred time of start (from 10 AM or from 1PM) and we will let you know if we can commit to any of those dates.
2) Once the dates are confirmed, please kindly pay for the booking / class fee thru this checkout here on our website and then you will be given a link to download the PDF contract. Please kindly print 2 copies, sign them both with printed name and signatures and bring during the actual class date. The instructors will sign the waiver and contract before starting the class and give you 1 copy back for your records.
3) We will send you the instructions on how to come to the Kitchen Studio venue in Urawa, Saitama City. And we will coordinate with you the menu that will be prepared and used for the actual shoot based on the availability of ingredients and your preferences.




 Cancellation penalties: 

  • 1 week or 7 days and more before the originally set date: 50%,
  • 1 day before up to 6 days the originally set date: 70%,
  • On the day itself : 100% no refund will be given at all costs.

Change of date penalties / Date re-booking:

  • 1 week or 7 days and more before the originally set date: 15%
  • 1 day before up to 6 days  the originally set date: 40%, 

Weather Conditions:

At the event of an impending sour weather coming on the set date 1 day before or on the day itself, both parties must acknowledge that this is an unexpected and unfortunate thing that we all can't control. Both parties shall agree to defer or re-schedule the date again. However, at this stage of commitment, we will not be able to refund the payment but defer the execution of the service itself when both parties are ok. Normally in Japan, the weather is almost accurate by the hour, so we can always be sure of the expected date at least 3 days before the event. It is best advised to consult the global weather conditions from google before you commit on a specific date with us to have an idea more or less on the actual outcome of the weather.


Meet the Instructors:


Justin De Jesus:

Justin is a food and travel photographer from Manila who recently moved to Japan to explore new opportunities and pursue his longtime dream of living in Japan. He started by being an apprentice of a celebrated fashion and food photographer in Manila. He was immersed in different kinds of photo shoots and personalities in the industry leading him to discover his niche, food photography. Eventually, assignments and projects started coming from publications and corporate clients. His photography career continued to grow and showed promise. Justin continues to practice his craft and contribute to different publications both in Manila and Japan.
He regularly collaborates with Chef Claire and photographs various recipes for this cookbook project and her personal food blog. Recently, he started his own online travel website ( chronicling his adventures and photo stories across Japan.  |   |   Instagram 

Claire Ocampo:


Chef Mimiclaire's first love is undeniably cooking. She struggled mostly as a self-taught cook ever since she was a child, with little resources along, she could just have only dreamnt of becoming nobody else, more than being a Chef and her own Kitchen Queen that she is today. Her long and winding journey towards to where she is here today is a story of finding courage for one to pursue her natural inclinations and aspirations in life. Her love for preparing and cooking delicious / good food has transformed into a passion to popularize and spread her own mother country's cuisine here in Japan and in finding the right sweet spot between different food cultures that can be said as Asian Fusion. Currently, she is busy finishing and editing her very first own recipe book that she hopes to publish soon. Her hobbies are cooking, fitness and experimenting with different ingredients to make not only delicious but also healthy and appealing recipes that she hopes to share with everyone thru her blog. She dreams of publishing many recipe books, traveling around the world and teaching what she knows about making good food and someday running her own restaurant and food-related business while paving the way for more opportunities to what is called and known as Filipino Cuisine. | | Instagram


For bookings, questions and other inquiries, please send an email to 





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