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Hypeast Dope Sexy Badass Japanese Japan Dragon Ryu Sakura Cherry Blossoms Flowers Flower Floral Tattoo Art Embroidery Embroidered Souvenir Sukajan Jacket ( Size : M L XL XXL 2L )

595.00 USD
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Expected release date is 15th Aug 2017

Product Description


It is an introduction of "Sakura Ryu Skajan (273051)" from Masashige.

It is Sukajan with a powerful full score, dropping a huge two Ryujin using the entire body without leaving it. 
The first dragon on the front right shoulder. 
In a form that wraps around from there, the handle is packed tightly on the right sleeve. 
Cherry blossoms are blooming in the surroundings, the contrast of black × beige is exquisite.

On the back, I designed another Ryujin. 
It is drawn in such a way as to distract the body, and it is all embroidered until it is colored. 
In the right hem, I struck the original embroidery patch containing the brand logo.

This time Sukajan is reversible specification. 
The back side is a simple design where "Japan" logo was arranged on the back. 
It is a nice item that can be used properly depending on items to be fitted.

Rayon satin is used for the material of the surface, the drape comes out and it is a shadowy body.

Sukajan can be used all the time just having one. 
Please look for one clothing of yourself only, from among many patterns.

Tangled soul (Karakuri Tamashi)
Body: Rayon 100% 
Rib: Polyester 100%
Country of origin
Made in China
(Cm / about) Length Width Sleeve length
M 62 53 84
L 65 55 86
XL 67 59 86
XXL 70 62 88


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Male model height: 175cm

Female model #1 height: 153cm

Female model #2 height: 161cm


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