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JLM Store Shipping Process Flow

1) Once the order is placed, it goes to the processing phase and the standard shipping handling time is 10 business days (weekends excluded) to process, prepare and pack your item. Please do not ask us during this period, when will item be shipped or where is my item, the answer is that "it is still being processed" so please wait for our update on the next steps including the packaging photos for your reference and counter-checking purposes. Until this update is received and performed, our only answer is that "it is still being processed".

2) During this handling time, we will be sending you before releasing to the Japan Post the packaging photos of your order for you to be aware of what to expect what to receive ahead and to assess and verify your order if that is the correct item and there is not problem at all. The buyer should check at this stage if everything is all right and to keep in mind that in a few days the package will be released soon and arrive within more or less a week after it is picked up and shipped / cleared the Japan Post tracking system

3) Tracking number will be registered in paypal and marked as "In Process" to signify that the shipping label is already assigned and that processing has already started.

4) After successful clearing in the Japan Post tracking system, the tracking number will be registered and marked as "Shipped" in your "My Account - Purchase Records" and likewise, in Paypal, the status will be changed from "In Process" to "Shipped"

5) Buyer must then be vigilant to track the package in this link below using the tracking number sent and given to you via email and via paypal here:

Sample tracking number is: "EJ356313389JP" or "EJ___________JP"   

* It is the buyer's responsibility to receive the package after it is shipped successfully. Normally, post offices around the world that works with Japan Post EMS (USPS, Royal Air Force, etc) maintains a 1-week holding period wherein if the package is not picked up, redeemed or received, it will be returned to us. Sometimes, they just leave a notice in your postal mail box, leave it it in your box or porch or under your door or somewhere to inform you that a package has arrived. If you have other problems with the delivery schedule, please make sure to contact your local post office, call them and arrange for the proper delivery date when you are around or bring the notice with a valid ID to the local post office that holds your package for actual window or counter pickup. If you have other concerns or anything, please do call them and contact them. You maybe asked to provide the tracking number which by that time you should have been already provided and sent via email. For more serious issues such as missing or lost packages, print the tracking results and the packaging pictures we sent you and submit a formal complaint or inquiry to your post office for them to investigate at once.

6) At the moment the item/package is returned for any other reason (absence, not available for pickup, etc), please inform us about missing the package and we will gladly reship it back to you after you pay the reshipping fee again once we received it.

7) So essentially, please keep in mind to receive the item anytime between 2-3 weeks depending on the processing speed and actual shipping speed conditions under anytime. We reserve the right to assert possible delay if there are uncontrollable circumstances beyond our control.

8) Sometimes the package is returned for the reason of "Unknown Address". In this case, you are responsible to contact us so we can arrange for the reshipping again, but please please do make sure to leave us your correct shipping address and also your telephone number as well for the shipping label. It is the buyer's responsibility to pay for the reshipping fee of the returned package under any condition unless we wrote a wrong address apart from what you had on file and record in paypal (in this case, we will bear the reshipping costs). If the buyer does not want to move on and pay for the reshipping fee, we reserve the right to forfeit the order to our favor and resell the item again with no refund at all since there is no action from the side of the buyer to willingly have it reshipped.

9) If there are other problems or issues, please do not hesitate to let us know of your concerns and we will gladly look into them within the constraints of common sense and detailed process written above.

10) Due to the recent global COVID-19 / Corona-Virus Pandemic and scare, there have been imposed a temporary stoppage on flights from Japan to most countries around the world. In this light, many countries have also travel bans, thus, reducing the number of commercial flights available along with the temporary ban on global shipping and acceptance of packages by some countries like USA until further notice. It does not mean, that we don't or can't process / ship items but this situation can cause delays in the processing of your shipment orders. Once your order is fulfilled, we will be processing it normally - pack your items, take packaging photos and send you these information along with the tracking number and shipping label that is going to be used to you via email - so you can be advised that your orders are properly handled and processed.

For further updates regarding the temporary shipping bans and delays please click on the following links below directly from the website of Japan Post:

Thank you very much for your dear understanding and support. Rest assured that your orders are safely kept and storedd in our warehouse facility shared with the Japan Post Office. If you have questions, please do not hesitate to always shoot us a mesage or email.

The above rules are subject to vary and change without prior notice so please do check once in a while before buying to keep tabbed regarding the little details and policy scope changes or ammendments all the time. Thank you very much for your understanding and reading comprehensively all these rules put in place for a happy transaction for everyone!

As a reminder, please make sure to read read the following 3 pages / links on our website below for the rest of the details, rules and terms regarding transacting with us.

Store Policies - Terms, Conditions, Scope and Limitations, Disclaimer and Contract Agreement

FAQs or Frequently Asked Questions

Japan Lover Me Store Shipping Process Flow and Estimates

 These links have been comprehensively written in simple English to cover the basic tenets of how we conduct business. If you are not ok with that, the please do not take the risk. This is an international transaction that covers shipping costs, working hours / labor from our end and includes risk on our part as well. Everybody and every party must understand the risks of possible discrepancies in expectations in the context of ONLINE SHOPPING wherein you can not view or try on the item itself.

Please exercise strict restraint, with utmost care and caution before deciding and paying for your purchases.

Buyer Beware.

But when you finally decide to trust us, then please go ahead and buy and you will receive tons and loads of uncontainable happiness all the way from Japan!

Sending hugs to everyone ^^

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