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Japanese Sukajan Souvenir Jacket Shopping and Styling Tour


Since we started this online shop last year, we have been receiving tons of messages, inquiries and emails asking us whether we have a shop or would like to visit us. We are very sorry then that we were not really prepared to do that since we have been limited to operate on an efficient routine allowing us to sustain this online curation project and shop where we share our love for the sukajan embroidered souvenir jackets.

A little of the majority would probably notice that our main passion and motivation to run this online shop is to sustain our curation activities of procuring and gathering all and every possible sukajan souvenir jackets and related wagara items and digitally photograph them and make an online museum and archive to display and share the beauty of these beautiful works of art x fashion to share over the next generations to come. (This will be expanding soon to cover many other items to digitally archive and curate in sync with sharing our Japan Love, thus - JapanLover.Me )

On behalf of everybody in the team, we apologize if we may not have properly replied or responded to your requests and messages before but (drum rolls please)...we are now pleased to offer our newest service/product to cater all sukajan and souvenir jacket fans all over the world - the Japan Lover Me Store Sukajan Warehouse Tour and styling/coordinating services!

So what was it again?!? 

Yes, you have read it right. It is called the "Sukajan Souvenir Jacket Shopping and Styling Tour" or simply "Sukajan Tours" in short.

A lot of clients and potential buyers are actually hesitant to buy online here and would like to try them on firsthand. Some would like to see everything and compare and try them on before choosing or deciding what to buy. Some are coincidentally stopping over by Tokyo and have come on a tour and were wondering if they could drop by and see what we all have on offer.

So we thought of making a rather service and product out of this need and offer it as a tour service instead which means, instead of being hesitant to accommodate such requests before - in the fear of losing enough time to be more productive on our daily routine to sell them and support our team and buying activities - we will be just accommodating parties who can avail of this package tour service to see what we have and see us work.

This "Sukajan Tours" services shall comprise of a roundtrip pickup from the Urawa station (East Exit, Parco Department Store Side) to our warehouse in Urawa, Saitama (5-10 minutes via car), where you will be guided thru our warehouse and stockroom and assisted in trying out the stocks that we have. For $80 per person (maximum of 3 persons per 1-hour time slot), you can try and take a look at all the jackets that we have for sale here in our online shop within 1 hour. Yes, you can fit all the sukajan jackets as much as you want and see what will fit you then before you make a purchase or not (You are not required to buy since you are paying for our time and service already inclusive of this minimal fee amount)


In a gist, here are the contents of this service/product called "Sukajan Souvenir Jacket Shopping and Styling Tours":

1) Round trip pick-up and send-off service from Urawa Station, Saitama City (about 20 minutes train ride from Ueno Station, Tokyo via the Utsunomiya or Takasaki Lines or about the same time from Shinjuku via the Shonan Shinjuku Line). For a detailed train estimates, please check prior to coming.

2) Assisted fitting and style consulting for about an hour. We will be giving your our opinion and advice if you need some help in choosing which is best for you.

3) Light snacks and drinks will be served as well.

4) In case you decide to take and purchase some of the jacket/s, you will be billed via paypal and asked to pay via the computer terminal we have prepared for this purpose or your smart phone/tablet/notebook/laptop if you have. Since we do not have loose change and can not compute the fluctuating exchange rates from USD to yen all the time, this will be the only method of payment we can have to acomodate your purchases. Or you can purchase on-the-spot the item and we can ship to your country or address as per your discretion then and directions at that time. 

5) After everything is ok and ready, we can take you a souvenir photo with us and the team or have us take your photo as remembrance before we send you off back to Urawa Station.


* It is advised that if you want to save time to try on particular models and designs we have, please kindly take note of the serial number before coming and let us know and we will prepare them ahead as well. 

So what are you waiting for? Book now and get this chance to see these magnificent jackets in their glory!


There are 3 time slots available each weekday: 

1:00 PM - 2:00 PM

2:30 PM - 3:30 PM

4:00 PM - 5:00 PM


Please kindly send us a message here  and confirm first your schedule (tell us your preferred weekday and time slot above - please give us 3 options in case there is something that is booked on that same day and time) and we will confirm and reserve your slot ahead. Once you get our confirmation via email from our staff, you can settle the payment through our webstore (weekday rate | weekend rate).

For the weekends, the rates shall be $100 per head per hour and shall be on a consultation basis, we will have to adjust and assign a staff to accommodate you personally in this matter.

Thank you once again and we hope this helps those who would really like to either meet us, see what we all have and have help in deciding the best ones for your style then!



Since this is a storage facility and sort of warehouse / back-office, please do not expect a grand reception or something to that effect, at the least, please understand that it is mainly the time we are taking out of our normal operating routine that we are offering to accomodate such requests to see in person and try our products and jackets.

The price is pegged at more or less the minimum to cover for our routine and productivity losses to pay for the hourly rates and salary of the staff that will be assisting you in this warehouse tour. For some, it may be high or expensive, while to some it may be reasonable, but honestly, maintaining an operation this extensive and given that we are based in Japan with high operational costs, it would not be lucrative for us, the team, to open up our facility to anybody for viewing and window-shopping.

We would like to invite the serious buyers who are really only very eager to see them all just like the stylists whom we have accomodated so far. So please do not think that we are ripping you for that matter, it is essentially in exchange for the precious time we are taking out of normal working routine to show you what you want to see regardless whether you buy something or not within a hour more or less.

To make appointment/s, reservation/s to visit us, please allow a week ahead before your planned dates for higher success of bookings, otherwise, we may not be able to adjust our schedule at the last minute or moment. ("I would like to drop by tomorrow PM" and similar requests may have small chances of getting accomodated, but nevertheless, please let us know even in a short notice, but please forgive us if we could not accomodate you then with that).

Thank you so much and hope you can be part of this unique tour of our office / warehouse!

With love from Japan,

JLM Store Team

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