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We are  (our store, warehouse and back-office) based in Japan. 
Proudly, we are a Japan-based company that operates and ships your orders FROM JAPAN, unlike other stores that offers the same or similar goods in the market. You can be assured of the integrity and quality of your items within the scope and limitations of the listings to which they belong as guaranteed by our processing and quality control.
We only operate during weekdays (Monday to Friday, from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM), except Japanese National Holidays and weekends of course. If you have other concerns, please directly contact us via email or our contact link form below. Our 3rd party shipping and logistics company provider operates on the weekends even if the store is closed. Automatically, all orders are sent to them for processing so we may be able to ship items in the same weekend you place an order so please take extra care and make sure there are no purchasing mistakes. Once the item is processed and shipped out, we can not entertain last minute cancellations and change of mind during weekends because there is no staff available to check on your emails and messages.
We mainly ship by batch 2-3 times a week depending on the volume of orders and the pace we process them. For the full shipping and processing flow and arrival estimates, please check this link ⇒  Japan Lover Me Store Shipping Process Flow and Estimates


1) The mostly asked question regarding our most popular and main item (souvenir jackets) we get is: "Are your jacket/s brand new?", "How is the mix up of the jackets and other offerings you have here in this store?"

To straighten it easily and once and for all for our dear enthusiasts, unless the item is stated specifically as BRAND NEW / ORIGINAL / MADE TO ORDER and / or PRE-ORDER and categorized under the following categories and groups, then please take the rest of the jackets as pre-loved / used / or vintage pieces of clothing.

So please make sure to understand it this way, this is how our store is arranged. Theoretically speaking, we have around 80% preloved and vintage (used) jackets and only around 20% brand new jackets here for sale (as a result of our partnership with the biggest maker and brand of Sukajan here in Japan). 

But with regards to the condition, if they are brand new, then they are brand new and unused or tried just for fitting. If they are considered as used or pre-loved then, please take them as they are presented in the pictures, thus, sold as is as shown in the pictures so please do analyze and check them all prior to deciding to purchase and make a commitment to order and pay for them.

2) I am very interested in getting the souvenir jackets on website but seems they are mostly unavailable. May I know what stock you have on hand? Or do you accept tailor made order ? 

Because mostly we have been quite a hit and popular lately that most of the same appealing ones sell out fast, we invite you to check us more often thru our facebook and instagram for more timey updates. Please do signup for our newsletter as well so you get to be informed when there are seasonal discount coupons.

Our best sellers have waiting list of around 20 people and more and most of the them are willing to pay more than double and triple the amount just to get them, our best advise for everyone is to find other similar jackets of similar designs from our growing 2000+ strong collection of hand-picked and carefully curated souvenir jackets that we offer.

All that have "add to cart" buttons are still available, otherwise they are already sold out. We do not accept tailor made orders of exactlythe same jackets since these are gathered and curated from the local collector's market. However, we are now accepting customs, tailor-made, commissions orders of any embroidery or souvenir jacket thru our newest service here ⇒ MADE TO ORDER SUKAJAN / SOUVENIR JACKET.

As for the sizes of each particular size or model, normally, what is sold are the ones we have only, which means, unless explicity stated, we dont have stocks for other sizes of them of that similar jacket but you can search our store for similar keywords and terms to see if we carry the same design in a different size. If we ever will have another similar model or same model, they will be listed anew again so please do check us up regularly then.

This is a helpful visual guide in choosing your own souvenir jacket:

Sukajan Categories in Kamon Visuals


3) I am in Tokyo for the holidays and I want to know if you have a store to look a sukajan jacket. Can we pay you a visit or do you have any store?

Yes, but please read on...

Currently we dont have physical store yet but we planning of opening up one soon. Right now, all we have is a backend office and storage room facility where we do all the behind the scenes work in curating these pieces of fashion art. If you do not mind the mess and the hassle of coming to our warehouse  then you can send us your tentative schedule and itinerary and we will see if we can accommodate you during that period then to come over. Basically, we are offering "Sukajan Shopping and Styling Tours" that caters to this kind of requests from our clients and patrons.

To know more about it, please go to this link:

About the "Sukajan Shopping and Styling Tours"

Reserving for a weekday visit

Reserving for a weekend visit

* Maybe you have hear about us or read about our services somewhere like REDDIT where we answered some questions regarding where to buy our souvenir jackets in person.

However, we will require you to let us know which ones you are considering to buy when you come so we can prepare them ahead for ease of trying them out, so please browse our store and send us a couple of links in a list form of the items you wish to view personally. We will arrange for the transportation to pick you up from the nearest station - Urawa Station - East Exit / Parco Side in front of Family Mart (ours is around 20-30 minutes north from Ueno Station in Tokyo via the Utsunomiya or Takasaki Lines / Keihin Tohoku takes 10 minutes longer). We will give you specific details and instructions for the meetup and pickup date to come over if everything else is fine then.

Check how far your location is from ours via this English train scheduling website ➡ HYPERDIA. Our station is URAWA (Saitama)

Don't worry, we have some free drinks and cookies or snacks for you to share with us as well. : )

4) What is your sizing reference or guide?

Generally, the Japanese sukajan are unisex in terms of sizing based on the average Japanese adult sizes. So please do not really pay attention whether they are mens or ladies in size. Better yet, please do follow the guide in the steps shown in the link below faithfully and you shall get the idea whether the jacket is your size or not then.

Please refer to this link instead:

5) What is the quality of your jackets?

Firstly, most if not all, of the offerings we have our vintage and has to be taken as second hand, with vintage-related imperfections on them. The sukajan are mostly made of rayon, polyester, cotton and satin silk with heavy embroidery on them or a mixture of these materials. Some are deadstock and good as new or in mint condition but to avoid of being complained later, we advise you to take them as second hand items and check the pictures themselves carefully prior to making a commitment and purchase decision. They are sold as is and where is as is and we expect our clients to know what it means as vintage or pre-loved items. Please read carefully our store rules and policies before making a purchase and make sure you understand everything about us and how we represent our items, in the context of our own scopes and limitations to understand how we conduct business with everyone. 

6) Do you accept custom-made, commission work to make original sukajan or souvenir jackets? Do you make customized Tokko-fuku / Tokkou-fuku Biker / Rider Jackets?


Please go to this link regarding our made-to-order services for any embroidery work:


7) Do you accept layaway plans or installments for your items? What are the rules and minimum?

If the item is more than $300 excluding shipping then you are eligible for a layaway plan. For the specific rules and explanation and how it goes, please go to → LAYAWAY PLANS page.

8) The item or jacket I want or wanted is marked as "SOLD OUT" already. Will you or do you restock your jacket/s? How does it work? I am really interested in getting the same exact model and jacket but everywhere I go and look up to, it is not available.

Okay, so here is the picture:

With regards to our vintage / pre-loved jackets → Once an item is sold out, then it is sold out, we won't get the same exact jacket again, although, we have a button wherein you can request to be alerted or informed if we ever get a chance to find the same design or model. In due time, if you are willing to wait or sometimes pay an extra premium fee, we maybe able to locate or find the same design / model jacket that you are looking for which is currently already sold out, in that case, please let us know your budget, timeline and other requests thru this button or form seen on the listing. Please keep in mind that pre-loved items are one and only one items so that is why they are pictured as they are and sold as it they are to show the actual condition of the jackets.

With regards to brand new, made to order / custom and original jackets → Since they are brand new, we maybe able to ask for a restocking from the brand and maker partners we have, so if you can wait, we can pull out or find one for you then, just please let us know your request details and we will see what we can do as well. Usually the makers and brands do produce them in additional limited quantities if an design or jacket is very popular, in that case, we can reserve one for you ahead then.

- - - - - - - - 
The above rules are subject to vary and change without prior notice so please do check once in a while before buying to keep tabbed regarding the little details and policy scope changes or ammendments all the time. Thank you very much for your understanding and reading comprehensively all these rules put in place for a happy transaction for everyone!

As a reminder, please make sure to read read the following 3 pages / links on our wesbite below for the rest of the details, rules and terms regarding transacting with us.

Store Policies - Terms, Conditions, Scope and Limitations, Disclaimer and Contract Agreement

FAQs or Frequently Asked Questions

Japan Lover Me Store Shipping Process Flow and Estimates

 These links have been comprehensively written in simple English to cover the basic tenets of how we conduct business. If you are not ok with that, the please do not take the risk. This is an international transaction that covers shipping costs, working hours / labor from our end and includes risk on our part as well. Everybody and every party must understand the risks of possible discrepancies in expectations in the context of ONLINE SHOPPING wherein you can not view or try on the item itself.

Please exercise strict restraint, with utmost care and caution before deciding and paying for your purchases.

Buyer Beware.

But when you finally decide to trust us, then please go ahead and buy and you will receive tons and loads of uncontainable happiness all the way from Japan!

Sending hugs to everyone ^^

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