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We're happy to answer questions or help you with your shopping if you need advice, push or anything.

Normally, please allow 1-3 days for us to get back to you properly with your concerns. Please keep in mind that we do not work on the weekends and national holidays in Japan.

We may or may not be able to reply on weekends so please have enough ample time if you have urgent needs and ask or clarify things before making a decision.

Please fill out the form below and detail everything you want to say and ask and leave your contact details so we can know how we can attend to your needs.

If you are inquiring about a particular product, please use this format:

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for us to be able to clearly identify what item you are asking about and how we can help you.



Business Days / Operating Hours and Shipping Schedule
We are  (our store, warehouse and back-office) based in Japan. 
Proudly, we are a Japan-based company that operates and ships your orders FROM JAPAN, unlike other stores that offers the same or similar goods in the market. You can be assured of the integrity and quality of your items within the scope and limitations of the listings to which they belong as guaranteed by our processing and quality control.
We only operate during weekdays (Monday to Friday, from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM), except Japanese National Holidays and weekends of course. If you have other concerns, please directly contact us via email or our contact link form below. Our 3rd party shipping and logistics company provider operates on the weekends even if the store is closed. Automatically, all orders are sent to them for processing so we may be able to ship items in the same weekend you place an order so please take extra care and make sure there are no purchasing mistakes. Once the item is processed and shipped out, we can not entertain last minute cancellations and change of mind during weekends because there is no staff available to check on your emails and messages.
We mainly ship by batch 2-3 times a week depending on the volume of orders and the pace we process them. For the full shipping and processing flow and arrival estimates, please check this link ⇒  Japan Lover Me Store Shipping Process Flow and Estimates


*CAUTION / WARNING / DISCLAIMER Regarding the Measurements Provided *

At most, this is just a guide, it is the ULTIMATE responsibility of the buyer to MAKE SURE that this jacket will definitely fit the way you want it to be. We do not take responsibility for any discrepancies between your expectations and the actual outcome later on - so please have some EXTRA ALLOWANCES in your ESTIMATES. We advise you to double check on us the sizing and fitting from the start to avoid further issues and problems. WE DON'T ENTERTAIN RETURNS, REFUNDS due to miscalculations, misinterpretation and misunderstsanding of the size and the overall estimations from your end compared to that we have provided in our listings. It is your duty to make sure that it will be OK and will fit you before you commit to buying the item and ultimately paying for it.

We act on "good faith" in measuring each and every item and jacket we put here for sale, but due to human differences and room for human analog error, this is not a perfect system and definite guide to the exact decimal point if you understand what it means, it is always helpful to have allowances in your estimates or at least confirm facts and details because making the ultimate decision to buy because when you buy we can not cancel for the above reasons. We treat each transaction as a legal commitment to our terms as explicitly and comprehensively written here and in our store pages. We are very serious in serving the public and we expect the same from our patrons.

We expect our buyers to read everything we wrote here as a guide and to take it as a "guide" and reference in your decision making process.

To make the confirmatory process of checking with us the size and for us to imagine the actual you wearing it, the moment you send an inquiry, please attach or send a cropped body photo already of yours so we can save time on answering and asking questions back and forth. Thank you.

 As a reminder, please make sure to read read the following 3 pages / links on our wesbite below for the rest of the details, rules and terms regarding transacting with us.

Store Policies - Terms, Conditions, Scope and Limitations, Disclaimer and Contract Agreement

FAQs or Frequently Asked Questions

Japan Lover Me Store Shipping Process Flow and Estimates

 These links have been comprehensively written in simple English to cover the basic tenets of how we conduct business. If you are not ok with that, the please do not take the risk. This is an international transaction that covers shipping costs, working hours / labor from our end and includes risk on our part as well. Everybody and every party must understand the risks of possible discrepancies in expectations in the context of ONLINE SHOPPING wherein you can not view or try on the item itself.

Please exercise strict restraint, with utmost care and caution before deciding and paying for your purchases.

Buyer Beware as they say. Please read everything before jumping to any decision.

But when you finally decide to trust us, then please go ahead and buy and you will receive tons and loads of uncontainable happiness all the way from Japan!

Sending hugs to everyone ^^