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The Dazzling Dreams of Sachiko

Posted by Marielle Villar on

We had a fun and wacky photo-shoot for Japan Lover Me Store here at Kawagoe, located in Saitama Prefecture. Kawagoe is known as “The Little Edo of Japan”, a city which is very rich in history.


Highlights: Toki no Kane. The clock tower that serves as the symbol of Kawagoe. It still tells the time for almost 400 years.

Our featured model for today is Sachiko as she knits her dreams and aspirations here in Kawagoe. She showed us the beauty of Kawagoe fused together with the elegance of vintage sukajans, a product line of Japan Lover Me Store.


Sachiko shows a very elegant yet fearless image of a Japanese lady here in the streets of Kawagoe.

Sachiko is also a dreamer like any other girl. There are so many things that she wants to do; she wants to dance, she wants to become a model, she wants to learn Nihongo and become a good teacher, and most of all she wants to travel the world.

My dreams here in Japan? I want to be a model!”, she says enthusiastically while in the photo shoot. She still remembered what she wrote in her small note last New Year: "I’m dreaming of becoming a model & walk on a runway!

She believes that she has a very long way to go and she knows that she will see more along the way to reach her biggest dream.


"My first step to achieve my dreams is to learn Japanese."

She studies the Japanese language as her first step to achieve her dreams in Japan. She feels frustrated to only reply, “Sorry, I don’t understand Nihongo.” every time she is scouted in the streets of Shibuya. She also tried online applications but she feels overwhelmed with the Japanese language that is used in the application forms. “A year from now I will take JLPT and hopefully I will pass”, she says as she crosses her fingers.


"Let’s spread the kawaii virus to everyone!"

While learning Japanese on her own, she also practices herself to become a good teacher. 

「ちゃんと先生になるから。」(Because I seriously want to become a teacher.)


"Hopefully in the future, I can also release my style book."

During her spare time, she likes to take photos or watch videos that are related to fashion and cosmetics. Though she still struggles to find her particular aspect of fashion, she is inclined to general fashion such as aomoji or akamoji. In the future, she hopes of releasing her own style book.

"My greatest dream is to travel and see the beauty of the world."

Sachiko’s greatest dream is to travel the world. “I want to travel to see the beauty of the world and I want to have a beautiful future for my family.”

“I can’t give up, can I?”

At the end of the photo shoot, Sachiko’s final thought was that she believes dreams come true and there is nothing wrong with dreaming.

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