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The BADASS Japanese Jackets: Sukajan / Skajan

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Hello Japanese Fashion Lovers! For today's fun trivia, we're going to share some background & history about the cool jackets you see from anime / dorama series ~ These are called "sukajan" / "skajan"! ★ 

Trivia / History of Sukajan

"The Sukajan, otherwise known as the, souvenir jacket or stadium jacket (based on the letterman jacket) was a creation of American troops around the end of WWII. So the story goes that many soldiers wanted a jacket to bring back home, and also represent their respective divisions and troop. The first fabric used was allegedly parachute nylon. Later on, rayon, acetate, velveteen, and even silk was used. The name “sukajan” originated from different sources. Some say “Sukajan” is short for Yokosuka Jumper, Yokosuka Kanagawa, being the supposed birthplace of this jacket. Others say its short for “Sky Dragon Jumper.” Its probably a little bit of both.

The design motifs usually are eagles, representing the USA, and Dragons (or Tigers) representing Japan. There is a reason why the art looks more Chinese than Japanese. Back in them days, before the internet, American soldiers, wanted “Asian” designs on their jackets. Since there wasn’t Wikipedia to help differentiate the differences of Asian cultures, Japanese tailors used Chinese silk pillows as inspirations for the designs. Since this was a familiar motif that the US soldiers recognized and it became a standard design for the Sukajan."


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AKB48 girls are also wearing sukajan~

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