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The Exclusive Japan Lover Me Souvenir Jackets Now Out!

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The long wait is over guys!

Most of you have seen our pre-hyped original line of sukajan designs in the past months, we are happy to announce that the pre-order is now open for the products below.

For a quick grasp, here are the scaled pricing for these limited edition originally-design sukajan jackets by yours truly - your favorite cute Japanese Culture community "Japan Lover Me" as inspired by our love for Japan as fascinated culture fans / lovers.

The jackets are more than worth it, not just for their design and taste worthy, but for the quality and team effort that we put into producing and making them - then they are literally priceless.

Add the fact that we are producing them in a very limited quantities so a few people will only get to have the chance to wear them as a premium product. Here is the result and product of our passion and dedication in sharing the world-wide Japan Love that we are all aware of.

Let us admit it, there is always a small portion of us within that is a fangirl-ing or fanboy-ing about Japanese Pop Culture in one way or another so by donning and having one of these super dooper cool jackets, you will be guaranteed to be a Japan Lover.

Pricing with shipping as separate:

JPSJ-000 - Back to back Hokusai Wave & Oiran Reversible Combination Sukajan

Pre-order Price - $750

Regular Price - $950

JPSJ-001 - Hokusai Wave Nami Design One Side Sukajan

Pre-order Price - $520

Regular Price - $675

JPSJ-002 - Oiran / Geisha Design A la Sakuran Style - One Side Sukajan

Pre-order Price - $575

Regular Price - $740

JPSJ-003 - Stay Weird Sukajan designed by LMP or Little Miss Paintbrush

Pre-order Price - $260

Regular Price - $295

* We reserve the right the reproduce the jackets in the future as we deem appropriate. We might change color combinations and designs slightly, but intrinsically, the first run of our original jackets will be as shown above.

Please click on the links above to jump onto the respective listings. For this reason, we are not accepting any offers below the prices set and indicated above because business-wise, they are already quite competitively-priced given their appeal and the rarity you would get from owning one of them.

As a gift, we are offering FREE premium Decomatsuge (deco eyelashes) by Japanese Artist MOEKO OSAWA for every purchase of any Sakuran-inspired souvenir jacket. Promo ends until July 10, 2017 (while supplies last).

Not only does your purchase will support us and our activities, it will go a long long way in helping us fund more exciting and cool projects in the near future and also venture out with more designs as well. Yes, your purchase mean/means a lot for us, so please do not hesitate to share this page among your friends, networks and loved-ones and we will be happy to send them as soon as the finished products reach our office in Japan.

We are happy to re-invest the proceeds to designing and expanding our line-up of sukajan jackets and other related products which we can all share with joy with one another. A few might know that, we have been helping our in-house artist Chichi Romero / Little Miss Paintbrush and other talented folks back in the Philippines and around the world who are helping and working with us as we creative and contribute to this growing Japan Lover Me Community.

Here is the preview of more or less what you will receive from us when we ship your products / orders.

1) You will get them with our originally-designed TOKYO 2020 Olympics Japan Lover Me Store Box!

2) Some freebie / extras ??

3) Our service + our passion packed with full of love sent with the package

Domo arigatou gozaimasu and we look forward to serving you then!

Japan Lover Me Team