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Sukajan Souvenir Jacket OOTD Street Coordinate Fashion Special Ft. Dani ( Hamdani ) Vol. #1

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We are pleased to introduce Dani, our ever dependable all-around nice guy. Dani is from Indonesia and exudes the charms and charisma similar to that of Jimi Hendrix minus the guitar hero skills.

Dani is our total bad-ass model and jeans crash/remake specialist. He used to be destroying and crashing jeans to remake them into fabulous vintage fashion pieces, thus, giving them more spirits, spices and topped with feels of angst and fierceness. Now, he is working as a total private tour guide for in-bound tourists and vistors who come to visit Japan.

So if you are wondering and thinking of coming for a visit, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us ahead and we will hook you up with him so he can arrange for your needs. He specializes in small groups, customized tours from anything off the beaten path to standard day tours as well either in Tokyo (Kanto area) or anywhere all-over Japan.

The Tokyo Olympics is just around the corner and if you ever wish to book him in advance, wish to arrange for your stay and acitivities here, please drop by a message including your specs, needs and dates, we will try to help arrange for your total tour package needs. We are very sure that he is the man who can handle any itch that you may have for discovering the ins and outs of Japan. He is versatile and fluent in both English and Japanese so that is not going to be a problem, of course, he speaks Bahasa / Indonesian so that makes him able to cater a wide range of clients.

Without furder ado, please enjoy the OOTD street fashion coordinate pictures we have prepared for our clients as inspiration then...

Hyakka Ryoran Japanese Sakura Cherry Blossoms Katsushika Hokusai Nami Wave Flowers Embroidered Souvenir Bomber Sukajan Jacket (Size XL)

Japanese HYAKKA RYORAN Classic Katsushika Mt. Fuji Fujisan Hokusai Wave Nami Woodblock Print Sakura Cherry Blossoms Embroidery Souvenir Sukajan Jacket

Japanese TEDMAN Little Devil Evil Biker Yakuza Gangsta Rock Punk Stadium MA-1 Flight Bomber Jacket Sukajan Sutajan

TEDMAN Japanese Lucky Devil Evil Skull Skeleton Punk Biker Gang Gangsta Rock Punk Leather MA-1 Flight Bomber Jacket Sukajan

Japanese PUNK DRUNKERS Kozic Honor Student Rock N Roll Biker Reversible Pop Art Sukajan Jacket

Japanese Tedman Ted Company PEAK'D YELLOW Geisha Oiran Anego Bitch Shunga Erotic Kimono Reversible Souvenir Sukajan Jacket

Japanese SCRIPT Hanatabi Gakudan Frog Kaeru Sakura Cherry Blossoms Sukajan Reversible Jacket

Japanese Vintage KYOTO ZEN Kyoden Eagle Hawk Taka Washi Bird Moonlight Hand-painted Made to Order Custom Yakuza Yanki Premium Straight Denim Jeans Pants

THE SIMPSONS Bart Simpson Sukajan Jacket

KULA Eternal Okayama Kojima Japan Japanese Nobori Koi Fish Matsu Pine Zen Simple Yakuza Dragon Tattoo Design Sukajan Jacket

Japanese Wagara Brand Namitatsu Military Camo Camouflage Army Down Jacket

JUNKSTAR Rudo Rock Punk Skeleton A la ROEN Praying Maria Zen Simple Black and White Sukajan Jacket

Japanese Vintage Sakura Cherry Blossoms Geisha Oiran Tsuzumi Taiko Drum Skajan Sukajan

Japanese Botan Peony Flower 7 Lucky Gods Shichifukurojin Kannon Buddha Bishamonten Rojin Scholar Benten Samurai Shogun Warrior Zen Embroidered Embroidery Bomber Sukajan Skajan Yokosuka Jumper Skajum Jacket

Vintage Japanese Skull and Tiger Tora HOTROD Punk Rock Rockabilly Tiger Tora “The Taste of Freedom” Hot Rod Chevy Muscle Car Racing Sukajan Skajan Embroidered Embroidery Bomber Jacket

Japanese ZENBU Miyabi Musubi Wagara Sengoku Busshi Samurai Warrior Skull Punk Sakura Cherry Blossoms KIWAMEKABUKI Horse Rider Sukajan Skajan

Japanese Wagara Vintage Yellow OSAKA Hanshin Tigers Tora Mt. Fuji Fujisan Sukajan Skajan Tattoo Art Design Embroidered Embroidery Bomber Jacket

Japanese Vintage Botan Peony Flower 7 Lucky Gods Shichifukurojin Kannon Buddha Bishamonten Rojin Scholar Benten Samurai Shogun Warrior Sukajan Skajan Jacket

Japanese EVANGELION Mark 06 Robot Ayanami Rei Sakura Cherry Blossoms Sukajan Skajan Jacket

How did you like this simple and basic styling suggestions we have?  We do hope you can check our store for similar styles and designs, if you are interested in any of them even though they are already sold out, please let us know and we will try to put your in our alert / reservation list should we get anything the same again in your size.

Thanks again for your unwavering support and patronage of our shop and services!


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