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How To Style A Japanese Sukajan Souvenir Jacket

Posted by Micaela Cruz & John Roman Aquino on

Sukajans or Souvenir Jackets play a big role in defining “Japanese Street Fashion”. The Japanese Souvenir Jacket carries both Uniqueness and Creativity, but at the same time it also brings “funk” and class altogether! So today, we will be guiding you on how to style your Japanese Souvenir Jackets to create that Japanese Street Fashion look! Featuring real customers and friends who have purchased and were captivated by the magic of Sukajans!

First things first, you might be wondering what a Sukajan or Souvenir jacket is, right?

“Historically, the sukajan originated from Post War Japan, when American troops had designs sewn onto their jackets as forms of souvenirs of their time of service in Japan, hence the term “souvenir jackets.” It served as a reminder of their bravery and adventures during the war, perhaps why most designs are bold and powerful. 

Decades after the Second World War, the wearing of the sukajan became more associated with the rebellious youth. Nowadays, it is a fashionable piece of clothing, but it cannot be denied that anyone looks badass in them.” (SOURCE)

Some may think it’s too flashy, or too baggy, but how do you style them in a way where you’d look badass in it, stylish and classy at the same time? Well let’s take a look these!

@annepinero | @reeseypeasy

Anne and Reese look stylish in their baggy Sukajan jackets! Want to look a bit slimmer in an oversized Sukajan? Try pairing it with fitted jeans, leggings, shorts or pencil cut skirts! Maximize the shape of your legs to contrast with the dabu dabu statement an oversized souvenir jacket brings! Of course don’t go thinking Sukajans are only for ragged style bottom. Want to wear a one piece dress to try look elegant at the same time? Believe it or not, it’s possible!


Mikee, looking all classy with her black one piece dress matched with a fancy necklace, classic chucks and of course the Souvenir Jacket which brought out the uniqueness in her OOTD.

Sukajans are not just for monotone colors if that’s what you’re thinking so far, but if you want to look Kawaii and fun as well, then feel free to match it with cutesy and pastel dresses!

@dollykaye | @cheffymimiclaire

Bring out the Kawaii Street Fashion style with these colorful Souvenir Jackets and pair it with pastel/neon colored outfits to complete your Harajuku look!

But boys, please don’t lose hope! Sukajans don’t just look good on girls, it looks awesome on guys as well!


Dark colors that fit your personality and match it with your own style and bam! You got yourself a badass OOTD with a Souvenir jacket!

Pair it with a partner and be sure to snap a photo!

@rainbowholic | @callmegi

If you want to have a “couple” styled OOTD, then go for Sukajans, matching designs or not, it looks great on both girls and boys!

Sukajans make it worthwhile because no matter which angle you’re facing, it lets you capture a great shot of it!

@ctscruz | @nathalieadeline

The back part looks great whether it may be a monotone color or neon/pastel color with striking designs!

@abbeysy | @erlinaang

Looks amazing upfront with all these designs that make you feel curious of its appearance at the back view.

Even a side view angle looks flawless!

@em888ka | @justin_dj

Letting others take your pictures with a Sukajan looks awesome because it features the overall look/effect of the Souvenir Jacket, but did you know that selfies could also do the trick?


All in all, Sukajans can be styled with almost anything and everything depending on how you want to express yourself with it!

Don’t be surprised with the price though, it may be a bit pricey but it is surely a great investment! If you need a little more guidance for you to be convinced, feel free to read our past article on 5 Reasons Why You Should Invest In a Sukajan “Souvenir jacket".

We do hope you had fun discovering a new sense of direction when it comes to Tokyo Street Fashion!