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History of SUKAJAN

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Sukajan and jacket made of shiny synthetic fiber and shaped like a stadium that has a large, flashy embroidery on the back. It is often reversible .

Dope sukajan

Shooting sukajan gangs. 

So dope and wild.


Street art with Sukajan. Its really muching and going well.







After World War II , American soldiers who were stationed around Yokosuka as Allied forces occupying Japan began to receive Japanese-style embroidery in their jackets, sometimes referred to as clothes originated in Japan . As one of the symbols of fashion, it is now being used for a wide range of ages as fashion.


竜 狼 虎 


Sukajan meeting.


Sky is the limit. Sukajan is the limit.


Anywhere with Sukajan.


Smoking with Sukajan. 煙草。 煙。




Origin of the name

Shortly after World War II, US soldiers in Japan stationed at Yokosuka US military base as a memorial to design an emblem such as an oriental pattern such as a wolf , a tiger , a dragon and their own unit or base It is the beginning that ordered the embroidery which was done to the tailor shop. The first ones were full-order items in which the embroiders made the desired embroidery after they dyed the fabric of the umbrella ( silk at the time) brought by US soldiers and made them into jumpers.

After the war, American soldiers were popularized by the so-called "souvenir jacket" and "souvenia jacket", which mean jackets for souvenirs.

Since the 1960s, "Souvenir Jacket" has come to be called "Sukajan". There are the following two sources.

" Yokosuka Jumper " stands for

The Sky Dragon jumper stands because the Sky Dragon embroidered on the Yokosuka jumper.

It should be noted that the basic bird embroidery may be debated as to whether it is a cocoon or a cocoon , but at a long-established shop in Yokosuka, it is generally referred to as a cocoon.

 We love fashion. we love culture and art. And we love sukajn.

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