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Gang of Youth

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Here at Japan Lover Me, we take pride in collaborating and working with a wide variety of bloggers and creative people from all over the world. One of the groups that we are keenly bench-marking nowadays on is the tight gig called Tim and Co.This creative bunch hails from the relaxed and vibrant town of Angeles, Pampanga, Philippines and they identify themselves as a collaboration of film makers, photographers and musicians... who aims to serve the itchiest itch of their clients.

Headed by its chief creative - Tim de la Paz, the group is very active in producing some "un-stereotypical" kind-of media whether it is for pre-nups, wedding coverages and campaigns for brands. Since its inception, the group has already sculpted and founds its niche in the very tight and exploding market for such services in the Philippines and has already began to scratch while turning heads around in the local creative industry. 

What is also cool about them is that, the gig also happens to be the purveyors behind the smash-hitting Siglo Barbershop concept that runs under their office which sports uncanny fresh haircuts for an adult's err, gentleman's needs. They are crisp and fresh-looking that it stands-out just to get their signature clean cut looks and grooming as well.

So what the heck with them?

Japan Lover Me shares and believes in their vision and taste in delivering a different blend and kind of aesthetics in their own rights and as much as we love their work and flavor. They are quite an uncanny group rooted in their relaxed hometown that is Angeles City located in the heart of the Luzon Island in the Philippines.

We have been cooking up some aesthetic collaboration series with them and to share a few of our experimental concepts with the medium as the "sukajan" as our subject. We hope you will enjoy what you are about to see.

For sure, you can feel the vibes too here.

So for those, from near and afar, if you are interested in working with them, be sure to check their links below and get something that is "differently-nice".