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Top Sukajan Souvenir Jackets From Japan Lover Me Store!

Hello JapanLovers!We would like to share our current Sukajan / Souvenir Jacket favorites from our very own Japan Lover Me store! The kawaii art is done by our creative head, Little Miss Paintbrush!Hyakka Ryoran Japanese Sakura Cherry Blossoms Katsushika Hokusai Nami Wave Flowers Sukajan Jacket★ ★ ★ ★ ★Japanese KARL HELMUT Designer High Fashion Eagle Hawk Tiger Tora Street [...]

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LA FEET: Shoes That Will Revolutionize How The World Walks

It was not long ago when the world, thanks for the prying eyes of progressive fashionistas, was awed by the presence of the split-toe shoes native to Japan called "Jika Tabi". To the insatiable curiosity of the gazing foreigners, the shoes have come to be known in the mainstream as ninja or samurai shoes which [...]

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SUKAJAN: The Coolest Japanese Souvenir Jackets

Japanese Souvenir Jackets or more famously known as the "Sukajan" (Skajang/Skajan) trace their roots during the World War II when the American troops stationed in the Pacific have wanted to have some "memories" or souvenirs of their foreign assignments to bring back home to mainland. It has sort of become a solidarity uniform or remembrance [...]

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The Badass Japanese Jackets: The Japan Lover Me Store Sukajan Collection

Sukajans are cool-looking jackets that we often see that are worn by yankees or delinquent characters in anime or Japanese dramas. Every design embedded in the sukajan shows various aspects of the Japanese culture, both traditional and modern, and even the combination of the both.  For today’s sukajan showcase, here are our featured sukajans modeled by JLM model, Sachiko. Show off a [...]

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The Dazzling Dreams of Sachiko

We had a fun and wacky photo-shoot for Japan Lover Me Store here at Kawagoe, located in Saitama Prefecture. Kawagoe is known as “The Little Edo of Japan”, a city which is very rich in history.Highlights: Toki no Kane. The clock tower that serves as the symbol of Kawagoe. It still tells the time for [...]

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The BADASS Japanese Jackets: Sukajan / Skajan

Hello Japanese Fashion Lovers! For today's fun trivia, we're going to share some background & history about the cool jackets you see from anime / dorama series ~ These are called "sukajan" / "skajan"! ★  Trivia / History of Sukajan "The Sukajan, otherwise known as the, souvenir jacket or stadium jacket (based on the letterman jacket) was [...]

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The Cutest Japanese Backpack: Randoseru (ランドセル)

A randoseru (ランドセル) is a firm-sided backpack made of stitched firm leather or leather-like synthetic material, most commonly used in Japan by elementary schoolchildren. Traditionally it is given to a child upon beginning his or her first year of school. The term is a borrowed word from the Dutch "ransel" meaning "backpack", a clue to [...]

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