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Philippines' First Ever Souvenir Jacket - The "Manila" Sukajan designed by Anne Kate Pinero

At last, the most awaited souvenir jacket or "sukajan" for short has finally dropped in Manila. Alas, the first-ever produced and designed Manila Souvenir Jacket no less than by the talented Ms. Anne Kate Pinero (Pinyero) in the first series of made-to-order sukajan jackets designed by the Kawaii Philippines talented members along with Little Miss Paintbrush's) in honor [...]

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Sukajan Souvenir Jacket OOTD Street Coordinate Fashion Special Ft. Dani ( Hamdani ) Vol. #5

Japanese Wagara NERV EVANGELION Mark 06 Robot Dragon Ayanami Rei Sakura Cherry Blossoms Moon Geisha Japan Map Sukajan SkajanJapanese Wagara TEDMAN Efu Shokai California Ted LUCKY LITTLE DEVIL Polar Bear Surfing Hawaiian Hawaii Islands Embroidered Sukajan Skajan JacketJapanese Wagara TEDMAN Efu Shokai California Ted LUCKY LITTLE DEVIL Polar Bear Surfing Hawaiian Hawaii Islands Embroidered Sukajan [...]

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Japan Lover Me Store Image Poster Design-Making Process Explained

Our patrons and clients know how much we express our gratitude and thanks for their support and purchases from our store. In fact, we have printed lately a poster that exemplifies our concept and ideals of the "Japan Lover Me" Store.The illustration is of course done by no less than our Chief Illustrator, Chichi Romero [...]

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​Sukajan / "Souvenir Bomber Jacket" : The Coolest Japanese Export of All Time

No matter how you come to think of it, our generation is beginning to realize that what "sukajan" has become is now becoming the most recognized and coolest Japanese export of all time, albeit in its own glory. Let us draw a very preposterous question first to ask ourselves. What is that one thing that [...]

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Connie & David Allegre - A Sukajan Souvenir Jacket Symphony

When culture clashes, more often, we see violent reactions in the forms of disowning and bashing from the bystanders. Truly, the outlook towards the Japanese pop cool-ture has evolved over the years and survived fashion revivals, ups and downs but the only icon that has emerged victorious among them is definitely this - the mighty [...]

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Adrenaline High at Fuji Q Highland featuring Japanese Sukajan Souvenir Jackets

What better way to match the wild and fun Sukajan designs than to wear them at one of the world's most thrilling parks, the Fuji Q Highland! The Japan Lover Me team dared the record breaking amusement park last winter to showcase our Sukajan jackets. These jackets are perfect to wear during the autumn and [...]

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How To Style A Japanese Sukajan Souvenir Jacket

Sukajans or Souvenir Jackets play a big role in defining “Japanese Street Fashion”. The Japanese Souvenir Jacket carries both Uniqueness and Creativity, but at the same time it also brings “funk” and class altogether! So today, we will be guiding you on how to style your Japanese Souvenir Jackets to create that Japanese Street Fashion [...]

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5 Reasons You Should Invest in a Sukajan "Souvenir Jacket"

We’ve just stepped into 2016, and already we’re starting to think about the Spring and Summer! And if you have your fingers on the pulse of fashion, you would know that the sukajan, otherwise known to the world as “ souvenir jackets” or “bomber jackets” is poised to become a signature piece for the season. From [...]

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Japanese Sukajan / Souvenir Jacket Picks From Japan Lover Me Store

Hi JapanLovers! For this week's kawaii Sukajan art series by our very own Little Miss Paintbrush, we have chosen the following designs to showcase our favorite souvenir jacket designs from Japan Lover Me Store! If you're interested in the history of these badass jackets, do read our write-up about the Japanese Sukajan! Japanese SCRIPT Zen Simple Wagara Japonican [...]

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Japan Lover Me Store Sukajan Measurement Guide & Tutorial

Our Sukajan jackets have different sizes and most of the time, the jackets have only one (1) size per design. To help you in assessing if a certain Sukajan jacket design will fit perfectly on you when it arrives, we have decided to come up with this guide / tutorial. To start, get your favorite jacket [...]

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