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5 Reasons You Should Invest in a Sukajan "Souvenir Jacket"

Posted by Mishie Del Rosario on

We’ve just stepped into 2016, and already we’re starting to think about the Spring and Summer! And if you have your fingers on the pulse of fashion, you would know that the sukajan, otherwise known to the world as “ souvenir jackets” or “bomber jackets” is poised to become a signature piece for the season. From Louis Vuitton to LOSERS, sukajans are taking over for the rest of the year.

So why is the sukajan such a fashionable piece? Well, here are 5 reasons why:

1. A Bold Statement

Maybe because of the wide variety of designs from traditional to absolutely quirky, these jackets are all unique, tell an interesting story that can add life to just about any outfit you have. They don’t shy away from the loudness too. Most souvenir jackets have designs sprawled all over the back and front, with intricate embroidery on its sleeves.

Sukajan Souvenir Jackets Japan Lover Me Store 4

On Justin:

EDO Nihonga A la SOGA SHOHAKU Style Embroidery + Dragon Ryu Tattoo Zen Sukajan

On the streets of fashionable Shinjuku, it is easy to see how well the sukajan stands out, and how much character it can give to your overall look.

Sukajan Souvenir Jackets Japan Lover Me Store 11

On Kaila:

Wagara Sengoku Busshi Samurai Warrior Skull Sakura KIWAMEKABUKI Horse Rider Sukajan

2. Badass look and origins

Sukajan Souvenir Jackets Japan Lover Me Store 1

On Justin

Wagara Flying Yamabushi Mountain Warrior Priest

Historically, the sukajan originates from Post War Japan, when American troops had designs sewn onto their jackets as forms of souvenirs of their time of service in Japan, hence the term “souvenir jackets.” It served as a reminder of their bravery and adventures during the war, perhaps why most designs are bold and powerful.

In the decades after the Second World War, the wearing of the sukajan become more associated with the rebellious youth. Nowadays, it is a fashionable piece of clothing, but it cannot be denied that anyone looks badass in them.

Sukajan Souvenir Jackets Japan Lover Me Store 6

On Kaila

Toyo TAILOR ALOHA HAWAII x DRAGON Ryu Flowers Fish Sukajan

Sukajan Souvenir Jackets Japan Lover Me Store 10

Best of two worlds: the “bomber style” jacket gives a tough vibe, yet the sakura design adds a kawaii factor!

3. Comfortably fashionable a.k.a Easy Instant Level-Up!

Whether you choose a looser or fitted jacket, the sukajan supports the “comfort” and “easy” fashion styles that are have been on the rise these past few years. We have seen fashionable sporty looks to comfy wide pants making their comeback and wearing a sukajan with those comfy styles adds that much-sought after edge and flair with minimum effort.

Sukajan Souvenir Jackets Japan Lover Me Store 3

Sukajan Souvenir Jackets Japan Lover Me Store 2

On Justin

Wagara Flying Yamabushi Mountain Warrior Priest

4. It’s an artpiece.

However, far more than a trendy piece of clothing, the sukajan serves a big role in self-expression. Especially on the streets of Japan, one can immediately show the world their own style and personality by their choice of sukajan.

Sukajan Souvenir Jacket

On Kaila

Wagara Hanatabi Gakudan Yakuza Yanki RYUOH Dragon King Black Sumi-e Tattoo Sukajan

A walking piece of art, the sukajan makes anyone’s head turn--attracted by its bold colors, intricate embroidery and fascinating designs. Sukajan can range from minimal to loud, and depending on its colors and fabric, can turn a simple look into something quite dramatic and unique.

5. Easily find a design that fits YOU

Just take a quick look at JapanLoverMe Store’s massive sukajan gallery and see the diversity of designs for yourself!

Sukajan Souvenir Jacket copy

On Kaila

Japan FAR EAST TOUR velvet souvenir jacket with phoenix embrodery

Feeling bold yet sophisticated? How about this one made with plush velveteen?

Sukajan Souvenir Jackets Japan Lover Me Store 7

On Kaila:

Vintage TAILOR TOYO Pink Tiger Tora Embroidered Sukajan

Unleashing your kawaii side? There is a cute pink one to match any cheery mood.

And one of the best things about many souvenir jackets is that they are reversible! Any reversible piece of clothing is impressive enough on its own, but to have two amazingly expressive statement jackets in one, truly makes the sukajan unique!

You can express and show the different sides of you and whatever mood you’re in!

Sukajan Souvenir Jackets Japan Lover Me Store 8

On Kaila

Vintage HOTDROD Car Chevy Lover Embroidered Sukajan

Wouldn’t that make anyone jump for joy?

We’d say that’s more than enough reasons to find your favorite from our gallery of unique sukajan today!

Compiled 2nd Batch

 Written by Mishie for Japan Lover Me


Photos by  Justin De Jesus |


Art Direction by  Kaila Ocampo |