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Be a Japan Lover Me Ambassador and Get a Souvenir Jacket for Free


A lot of people, influencers and bloggers have been approaching us for an x-deal or free jacket/s since we started this shop, however, as easy as some might think, well, we are not philantrophists who just give out jackets for the promises like "I will promote you in my youtube channel, etcetera", "I have 200k + or IG followers" and such. And we have not yet since then established a universal and uniform set of rules and mechanics regarding our marketing strategies to tap on potentially effective influencers whom we deem will be helpful in increasing our reach and sales thru different markets and audiences. This post is aimed to serve as a guiding light for those interested parties willing to give it a shot and become our ambassador or model.

Who is eligible and how can you be qualified?

If you think you are a charisma yourself, have a decent presence in various social media with a respectable following, then you are qualified to join our "free sukajan" Japan Lover Me Store Ambassador Program. We will screen applicants and stalk your presence to verify your creative work's worth & value as potential ambassador and model whom we think will fit our marketing strategies. If we see that you have a market among your audience and readers for our products and that you have a strong command of followers and fans, then you have a great chance of being chosen to become one.


In essence, the idea here is to offer souvenir jackets to eligible and qualified applicants in return for set of output that we will require in return for them, as a Japan Lover Me Ambassador and model. So strictly speaking, it is not free, but it can be free if you can commit to produce a set of output requirements that will meet our standards in a timely and professional manner which we will be using as our marketing materials for the store's promotion in our social media and online presence everywhere within our reach. As they say, there is no such thing/s as "free" in this world, and you always have to do your best to earn something. In our case, you can have the dream jacket of yours as long as you could stand worthy of receiving it in return for your hard work. Let us assure you that the benefits of being our store ambassador and having a sukajan from us is a priceless reward in itself.


* However to force professionalism from the applicant's end, the jacket wished to be received in return should be first paid for by the applicant. After successful submission of the requirements and confirmation of the output and contents, we will refund the whole amount ( or as agreed upon between us) which will then close the deal.


Mechanics, Rules, Steps to Apply:


  1. Send us an introductory email with a brief introduction of you with a comprehensive list of your online charisma and presence so we can verify your identity and marketability. If you have a profile and statistical data and numbers of your audience and engagement with your fans, please do include it and use that as your appeal so that we can get and choose you for this program.
  2. Send us a list of 5 various choices of jackets that you may want to receive from us for free regardless of their value.
  3. We will assess the partnership "worth" in terms of receiving the jacket of your choice - based on our projections, estimates, assessment and evaluation of the worth (of your work output) and marketability, in case you are chosen to become an ambassador / model. This means that if you are a respectable charismatic figure / blogger / influencer who has a strong command of followers, chances are we may offer the jacket as totally free. However, please be warned, that there might be instances that while we appreciate your marketability, we may propose a value range or other jackets as suggestions in parallel to the partnership worth figure based on our internal evaluation of your total charisma and influence. 


For example, if you wanted a $500 worth / piece of jacket, but then upon seeing and reviewing your online presence and influence - we then deemed and felt that the output work is worth  $300 in regards to the set requirements below that we will require as output in exchange for the jacket, then we may offer that you pay $200 (get $300 as discount from the original price and worth of $500 of the jacket instead) OR, we may just suggest that you get or have a new set of choices coming from the $300 worth level then so you don't have to pay anything more. Maybe you get the idea then. Basically, we will assess if your output work is worth the jacket you are requesting in your own respect that we could generate a decent amount of leads and project sales coming from your audience. Of course, we will not just give it just to anybody for the sake of giving it. We are also on business and you must prove to us your value so that we can bet on giving you the worth of your jacket in return for the set of output that we will be requiring from you.


"You reap what you sow." is our mantra and so you can only get a certain value for free if you are qualified and your efforts are worth that jacket. However, if the efforts unfortunately do not meet the standards placed, then we can work things out together and talk about how you can fill the missing spaces and gaps in order to qualify for a fully subsidized jacket then. Or if you are willing to do a combination of payment and work, we can always discuss it for the benefit of every party.


Celebrities who wear sukajan

Minimum Set of Ouput Requirements:

We will require you to have and submit (in original file format) at least 2 sets of photos (12 photos per set) in the following themes:

  • OOTD angles / Lookbook Effect
  • Creative / Editorial Fashion Shoot


  • At least 1 minute video review of our service and jacket - must be uploaded in the applicant's youtube channel (original edited video must be submitted as well via dropbox or file-sharing apps)
  • At least 1 minute video which should include OOTD cuts / clips either from your fashion shoot done above - must be uploaded in the applicant's youtube channel (original edited video must be submitted as well via dropbox or file-sharing apps)
  • 3 Instagram shout out posts and tags to all of our IG accounts from your end
  • 1 Blog Post
  • Facebook Page post



Upon evaluation of your application and agreement. The applicant MUST FIRST BUY the product as show of commitment to the program and expression of support to our store and advocacies. Please dont worry because upon successful completion and submission of the requirements within 3-4 weeks after we send your package, we will refund your payment.

Once you are able to satisfy our basic requirements and complete them faithfully to the agreed minimum expectations about your work, we will send you the full-refund with one week.

Take note that, depending on the quality of the final output, in cases where the quality is so below the agreed and discussed expectations, we reserve the right to downgrade the amount of discount or refund to the re-assessed value of the output. (Which we hope not to exercise and do at all). In cases, there are super major delays and non-cooperation during the process, we reserve the right to forfeit the rights of the applicant for the refund in the absence of quality and prompt output. We will keep this disclaimer in place, to prevent sudden changes that are not aligned to the original agreement.

Prior to the start of this collaboration/working agreement, we will send a waiver to the applicant influencer (you) that must be signed for and sent back via PDF to serve as the contract for both parties and become the ultimate reminder of the whole scope of this understanding. Anything in extra is always appreciated in terms of output. Please do not hesitate to go above our minimum expectations and experiment with new styles and challenge the aesthetics but please at least perform the minimum required standards first before doing it. You can go over the required standards provided that you complete first the expectations of the minimum standards agreed and discussed here.





Once you become a JLM Store Ambassador Model, we will also give you discount codes which you can share with your readers for us to track and also measure how effective you are in terms of direct referrals which we will also use to count and quantify your effectivity in that aspect. Based on the figures and actual results and output, we may reward you with more products or perks as well as our appreciation for your help as an influencer of our brand and service.

Sample and Reference Shots (Minimum standards and aesthetic requirements)